• "The PASSsystem has proved completely intuitive to use, even for the least technical care assistant – a revelation."

    Care Manager Homecare Services, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath
  • "My Supervisors no longer spend 65% of their time in the office typing up notes taken at assessment meetings – they do it once with the customer, and get it right from the outset. My Supervisors now spend 90% of their time out in the community – better care, improved support for care workers, and more assessments."

    Care Supervisor Chichester
  • "We saw the service had made improved use of information through the implementation of The PASSsystem for assessing the quality of the service provided, including the consistency of care provided to individuals. The PASSsystem has the potential to provide the service with a greater range of information which can be utilised for Quality Assurance. This will include outcomes and tasks completed and missed. Operational statistics will include reviews and staff supervision as well as analysis of nutritional and hydration information entered by staff."  

    Inspector Care Inspectorate
  • "The system reduces the time and cost of setting up care plans for patients going home from hospital by 50%. This has delivered a £20K saving to my bottom line."

    Jane Perry Owner, Bluebird Care, Edinburgh
  • "By listening carefully to the care industry, everyLIFE have developed a solution that greatly helps join up the provision of customer-centred care. They are on a mission to bring the much needed technical answers to the business challenges we are all facing. I very much look forward to seeing the new functionality they have in the next release and beyond."

    Simon Carter Melody Care, Farnham
  • "I implemented The PASSsystem in three weeks’ and my customers are already seeing the benefits in quality of care."

    Carolyn Dailey Owner Bluebird Care, Newmarket and Fenland
  • "It’s easy to use and with the training provided, all staff like the system. Any office implementing it will save a substantial amount of supervisor time."

    Kristina Burbridge Bluebird Care, Worthing
  • "The whole process from initial enquiry to going live was quick, efficient and easy and the support we received from the team at everyLIFE was second to none. I would recommend PASSsystem to any care company."

    Mitchell Johnson Rapid Response Medical Group, Cannock
  • “A really important advance for care, The PASSsystem provides care notes and completion notes instantly so we can react immediately to missed medications and other urgent care alerts.”

    Tracie Scholes Choice Care, Blackburn
  • “Easy to use, extensively tested and developed by people that understand care, The PASSsystem is unique and robust at solving the critical challenges faced by the industry.”

    Kirsty James Attentive Care Experts, Bradford 
  • "The whole process from initial enquiry to going live was quick, efficient and easy and the support we received from the team at everyLIFE was second to none. I would recommend the PASSsystem to any care company."

    Hannah MacKechnie Radfield Home Care, Stafford 
  • “The new real-time digital care platform that is enabling the redeployment of valuable resource from administration tasks to business-growing and care-improving time.”

    Steve Cooper Care Watch, South Warwickshire
  • "The service was well-led. The PASSsystem had been introduced to record the initial assessment, risk assessments and care plans for people using the service. There was also a corresponding secure, mobile application which Care Workers used to record their visits, review risk assessments and care plans and complete their daily records. Care Workers told us they found the system “good, easy to use”, and convenient, “If I’m not sure what needs to be done, I just check my phone."

    CQC Inspector Care Quality Commission
  • "The difference between good and outstanding."

    CQC Inspector Care Quality Commission
  • “I would just like to add that the interaction with all departments and team members (including Meg, Tim and James) has been exceptionally professional and efficient. The Data Creation Team has worked at a tremendous pace in such a short space of time, in order to make the full implementation and rollout a reality. All-in-all a fantastic team effort, can’t wait to start using the new system, and say goodbye to the old world of paper files!” 

    Kareplus Romford
  • “The paramedics were so impressed with the ease of getting information on Elsie, and access to hr care plan was excellent."

    Kirsty Michel Blue Bird Care Somerset
  • “Hi All.  I would just like to say how impressed we all are at Bluebird Care in South Somerset regarding the new addition to the Alerts. It is fab! It is much easier to put all these Alerts into order and prioritise which ones are the most important. Great stuff, well done.”

    Lou Bluebird Care South Somerset
  • “The new alerts screen and lay out of the care plans are great, they make everything easier.  Looking forward to the next release.”

    Virginia Bluebird Care Slough, South Bucks & South Wycombe
  • “Hi. Just to say well done with the improvements on the Alerts section – it is much better and easier to use and resolve Alerts.  Many thanks.”

    John-Joe Gardiners Nursing and Homecare
  • "The registered manager had introduced a new electronic system to plan and manage the care visits which enabled late and missed visits to be identified and managed. People we spoke with had not experienced any missed visits. "An electronic care plan system was being implemented. Some staff were trialing the system and were positive about the change. One member of staff said, 'I really like the new system. I'm getting used to it. It saves time and we have less paperwork.' The system enabled staff to enter information when they were with the person which was then instantly available to all staff. The registered manager was extremely positive about the potential impact on people in the future as it would free up staff time which could be spent with people and would enhance continuity of care through improved communication."

    Inspector CQC

The PASSsystem is the industry standard platform in digital care management

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