Wirral Health & Care Commissioning

Responsive real-time PASS reporting has enabled individually tailored, outcomes-based care


Wirral Health & Care Commissioning was established in 2018 with the goal of delivering improved outcomes for people who live in Wirral.

A grant from Wirral Council capital allowed them to launch a PASS funding scheme for their outsourced  domiciliary care providers. The scheme provides full funding for PASS in their first year with tapered funding there after.


Openness & transparency: To prove evidential based care and clearly tracked accountability

Responsive: The ability to run responsive real-time reporting, to enable individually tailored outcomes-based care

Safety: To reduce medication errors

Continuity of care: Reduce inconsistencies across carers and the wider MDT

The impact

With PASS, the region has benefited from:

  • Release of staff capacity via digital care notes, created and uploaded in realtime and inevitably more accurate that paper notes
  • A more efficient process that safely moves carers on to their next visit
  • Improved visibility of care history, trends and pattens

In a programme of continuous improvement, next steps for leveraging PASS will include:

  • Access to care records for district nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals
  • Data sharing between PASS and the existing core client management system
  • Predictive modelling to enable increased responsiveness to changing care needs
  • An extension of the scheme to residential care homes in the region

PASS has supported the roll out of a tier of ‘trusted assessors’ through our domiciliary care providers. Part of that is about letting providers make recommendations on stepping levels of care up or down in a very responsive way.

Jayne Marshall, Joint Head of Commissioning, Wirral Health & Care Commissioning

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