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Empower home care teams with best-in-class care planning, smart scheduling, one-click billing, our intuitive care delivery mobile app, and so much more.

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All-in-one home care management software that enables care businesses to manage the delivery of domiciliary care with ease and speed.

Plan care

Create and modify care plans in real-time, ensuring personalised home care wherever you are.

Schedule care

Optimise staff schedules to reduce travel time and coordinate safe and effective care.

Report and invoice

Generate detailed domiciliary care reports with a single click, making compliance a breeze.

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"By using PASS, we have been able to demonstrate and evidence to the CQC that we are fully compliant with regulations and offer a bespoke personalised service to all our clients."
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Claire O’Donovan
Director, AStar Home Care Services Ltd

Save time with a simple, all-in-one domiciliary care solution

Every minute spent on paperwork is one less minute providing care. Free up carers, admin staff and managers to focus on high quality, person-centred care – allowing your care service to shine.

everyLIFE PASS Domiciliary Care Software: care planning

Drive efficiencies and increase performance with reporting

Paper-based systems are prone to errors and inconsistencies. Build real-time dashboards, generate user-friendly reports, and share data to showcase the highest standards of domiciliary care.

everyLIFE PASS Domiciliary Care Software: care reporting

Organise home care effortlessly with drag-and-drop rostering

Coordinating teams of care professionals, each with their unique schedules and specialisations, is a complex and time-consuming task. Use PASS home care rostering tools to simplify coordination and efficiently organise the delivery of care.

everyLIFE PASS Domiciliary Care Software: care rostering

Communicate with your team, anytime, anywhere

Built in messaging, alerts and reminders ensure that everyone is on the same page. Whether it’s updating care plans or sharing critical updates, seamless communication is waiting for you.

And with openPASS, you can now share daily updates with friends and family about the progress of a loved one’s care.

everyLIFE PASS Domiciliary Care Software: alerts and reminders

Manage compliance and excel in home care inspections

Care inspections don’t have to be daunting. PASS keeps you ahead of the curve by constantly evolving its documentation and templates to meet the latest standards, ready to export and share at the click of a button.

everyLIFE PASS Domiciliary Care Software: compliance

Incredibly easy to get started

Whether you’re switching solution or starting out with home care management software for the first time, we make the transition to PASS simple and seamless.

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Personalised onboarding

Unlimited 24/7/365 customer support

Dedicated account manager

Join 84,000+ care professionals using PASS

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Customer success stories

How we help domiciliary care providers be the best they can be

See how PASS helped the Bluebird team reduce paperwork, save time, improve safety and grow their business.

Care Manager Sue Troelson explains her journey of going digital and the benefits PASS brings to her team.

PASS offers a real-time overview of clients, ensuring that staff are always aware of even the most recent changes to their care needs.

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person centred

Intuitive person-centred care plans that update in real time on both desktop and app. Text and image functionality deliver a tailored care experience, reduce errors and allow the carer to focus on the best care outcomes.

instant care records

A centralised and comprehensive document library, alongside flexible and customisable forms. Log customisable observations and share with multi-discipline teams for optimum accuracy, rapid response and review.

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Offline functionality

Full app functionality without an internet connection to enable carers to access all the information needed to deliver care safely and accurately - even in remote locations. The care visit is then logged to the system instantly.

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incident tracking

Add body maps with customised photos as evidence and track incidents by task, allowing managers to respond promptly and take action. Carers are able to directly record the incident in the care plan and share evidence to the team.


High performing teams

Access and share information between team members via the messaging functionality, increasing response times, alongside efficiency and visibility between team members, whether they are in the office or carers out in the community.

Manage medication

Real time alerts and live integration to the dm+d and BNF makes sure that care delivered to the service is user is quick, accurate and enables improved wellbeing. Digitally capture changes to the MAR chart to reduce duplication.


A single view schedule with all critical information for the carer and service user. Issue rotas and schedules in advance , schedule care delivery as runs or match approved and specific carers with service users for consistency in care delivered.

GP Connect

Extended access to approved members of the MDT provides instant access to patient records, resulting in tailored care inclusive of medication administration. Changes to prescriptions or MAR chart are recorded straight away.

Finance management

A safe, secure and real-time view of business financial health and payroll data allows for efficiencies in invoicing and payroll, rapid calculation of travel, holiday entitlement calculation and minimum wage as well as providing best practice audit trails for inspections.

Home care software FAQs

Domiciliary care software assists in managing the delivery of home care services.

It allows care providers to schedule and track visits, ensuring timely and efficient care.

Yes, it can be accessed from anywhere, enabling care providers to update information in real-time.

Yes, home care software can scale to accommodate growing numbers of clients and services.

It ensures consistent, high-quality care and improves communication with clients and their families.

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