GP Connect for care providers

Access GP patient records in an instant with GP Connect

Save time, improve outcomes and tailor care, whilst preventing medication errors with GP Connect from PASS, the leading all-in-one care management solution.

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How GP Connect helps you to deliver faster and safer care

Developed in partnership
with NHS Digital

Instant, real-time access to GP practice clinical information

Administer medication safely and prevent errors

Seamless collaboration between healthcare colleagues

Improve care with important patient data at your fingertips

Save time and eliminate hours spent on the phone to the GP

What is GP Connect?

GP Connect from PASS care management software empowers authorised care professionals to instantly access GP practice clinical information and securely share patient data between IT systems. This seamless exchange enables quick and effective collaboration, ultimately improving care and outcomes in the Health and Social Care sector.

GP Connect for care providers

Get instant and secure access to GP patient data

Developed in partnership with NHS Digital, GP Connect from PASS ensures that electronic GP patient records are readily available to all authorised social care professionals, precisely when and where they need them. By facilitating direct access to crucial patient information, the service empowers care providers to deliver personalised and timely patient care.

Improve care and prevent medication errors

GP Connect from PASS revolutionises how you access patient records. It offers easy and secure digital access to vital information, including:

  • Known medical problems and issues
  • Allergies and adverse reactions
  • Acute and repeat medications
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Provide the best outcomes for the people in your care

By leveraging GP Connect from PASS, you can seamlessly collaborate with your medical and healthcare colleagues. This enhanced connectivity enables you to provide the best possible care and clinical pathways to your valued service users.

Save an average of 31 hours per month

According to our research, care providers who use GP Connect report saving an average of 7 hours per week or around 31 hours per month.

Based on the National Institute for Clinical & Care Excellence (NICE) recommended minimum home care visit, that’s equivalent to 62 home visits every month!

Read the full study here.

GP Connect research

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How do I activate GP Connect?

GP Connect is completely free and included as standard in all PASS subscriptions.

To activate, you will need to have completed and published a Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) assessment and achieved Standards Met.

For more information, read our DSPT guide to getting started.

Once you’ve completed your DSPT, simply fill out the activation request form and we’ll get your account upgraded, completely free of charge. 

Please note, GP Connect is currently available for care services based in England only. We are working hard to provide GP Connect across the UK.

GP Connect white paper

“Access to GP Connect via DSCRs is now helping care providers work more efficiently, and the logical outcome of this is likely to be a better use of time and resources, improved decision-making and increased job satisfaction and retention among the care workforce.”

– CASPA on GP Connect


To use GP Connect, you must be a PASS or All-in-One PASS customer and have completed your DSPT assessment. For support completing your assessment, read our guide to getting started. Please note, GP Connect is currently available for care services based in England only. We are working hard to provide GP Connect across the UK.

You can only access the GP records of people in your care. In order to access a patient record via GP Connect, you will need to know the patient’s NHS number. We encourage you to ensure that you record the NHS number on the service user’s details page under the Patient Details section. The integration will require a patient’s NHS number and date of birth to be able to verify that the patient you are searching for is the one whose record will be returned.

Yes, GP Connect is completely free to existing PASS users. Book a demo of GP Connect to request activation.

Only authorised social care professionals can access GP clinical records, such as registered clinicians, care managers, deputy care managers, care team leaders, and senior carers. There are two levels of access; a full view for clinicians and a slimmed down view for non-clinicians.

Please note, GP Connect is currently available for care services based in England only. We are working hard to provide GP Connect across the UK.

GP Connect users can access patients’ GP health records instantly and at any time, promoting safety, improving outcomes for the patient, and empowering the health practitioner to offer the most effective and timely care.

Yes, the NHS has stated that care providers should “where available, sign up to GP Connect to gain secure access for approved staff to view appropriate primary care information for the people you support”.

Yes, PASS is approved and listed on the NHS Assured Supplier List.

Digital Social Care has published a comprehensive guide on GP Connect and its utility. Find it here.

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