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Baxters Homecare case study

Improvements to safety, efficiency and quality of care with real-time access to GP record information via PASS GP Connect


Baxters Homecare has been a part of the PASS community since 2017.  When they were offered the opportunity to add GP Connect to their existing PASS system, they jumped at the chance! And not only were Baxters an early adopter of PASS GP Connect, they were actually the very first care provider in the UK to complete a GP Connect transaction from within a digital care management system.

PASS GP Connect allows authorised social care clinical staff to access their service users’ important GP record information easily, and in real-time, from within PASS. Utilising a secure connection via the NHS Spine, PASS has been integrated with NHS Digital’s GP Connect to enable that vital link between health and social care


Openness & transparency: To prove evidential based care and clearly tracked accountability

Responsiveness: Real-time reporting, to enable tailored, outcome-based care

Safety: Reduction in medication errors

Continuity of care: Track and enhance across carers and the wider MDT

The impact

Through the introduction of PASS GP Connect, Baxters has benefited from:

  • Reduced reliance on service users and their families to remember full details of medical history, giving instead access to reliable information and a clear view and understanding of their needs
  • Valuable input to the formulation of accurate care plans
  • Tracking prescriptions
  • Tracking GP appointments
  • The ability to immediately provide an accurate medical history when required by third parties, for example when paramedics are called to visit a service user
  • Visibility of updates from other members of the MDT
  • Access to the GP record at the point of medication delivery, ensuring that the right medication is delivered to the right person in the timeliest manner. In one case, this allowed the administration of antibiotics on a Friday evening, aiding the service user’s swift recovery from infection
  • In addition, they have relieved some of the burden on GP’s of responding to routine enquiries, which they can now resolve themselves in real-time.

Very simply, I could describe PASS GP Connect in just one word: Amazing! We were delighted to have been the country’s very first care provider to access a GP record for a client in this way, and we now use it on a regular basis. It saves so much time and undoubtedly helps us to provide better care

Andrea Baxter, Owner and Registered Nurse Manager, Baxters Homecare

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