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Heritage Healthcare case study

Access to outstanding customer service and regular account review meetings


With 14 offices across England and Wales, Heritage Healthcare is a family run organisation operating on both a direct business and a franchise basis.  Starting with a single care home back in 1984, they have grown to become a trusted and high-quality provider of expert homecare, with over 350 service users.

To improve business efficiencies and to grow the business nationally, they were keen to move their operation from reliance on paper-based care management to a digital system.


Efficiency: The ease with which support plans could be generated and tailored to meet the individual care needs of each and every service user.

Transparency: Effective and transparent monitoring and reporting of staff visits and care delivery

Valued: The opportunity to become an active part of the PASS community, with the potential to contribute to new feature Beta testing programmes and to feed suggestions into the ‘PASS ideas’ portal

The impact

Since the rollout of PASS across the multiple franchises began in 2017, Heritage Healthcare  has benefited from:

  • Quick and responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Monthly account review meetings
  • Easier, more effective auditing
  • Access to service users’ GP practice records at the point of care via PASS GP Connect
  • Simultaneous communication and real time data sharing among key stakeholders
  • Online access to all PASS information regardless of location, without the need to visit the office

Leveraging the benefits of a single platform incorporating both digital care planning and staff rostering is a top priority for Heritage in 2022-23, and having been a part of the PASS Roster Beta programme they are currently planning a transition to all-in-one PASS to realise that goal.

Financially, and from an efficiency perspective, PASS has promoted streamlining across the direct offices and franchises of Heritage Healthcare.

Amanda Jackson, Director, Heritage Healthcare

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