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Eidyn Care case study

Enabling truly person centred care


Eidyn Care is an award-winning provider, offering care at home, including palliative and end of life care in the Edinburgh area. They implemented PASS soon after starting their innovative, family-owned business.


Quality of care: To deliver the quality of care the Eidyn Care team expected, they required tight control across all services.

Better information: PASS ensures that carers know exactly where they are meant to be, and that they understood the care to be delivered.

Audit: The comprehensive record of the care delivered was critical to ensuring the required level of accountability and auditability.

The impact

The team implemented PASS in their first year and have used this to enable their growth. They started seeing results immediately and continue to do so.

These include:

  • Improved client safety
  • Supporting carers with real-time information
  • Strong feedback from people receiving care
  • Ability to scale their care business efficiently
  • Scottish Care Provider of the Year 2019

It’s really all about being super-responsive, completely and utterly person-centred and then
being 100% accurate. PASS makes all this a reality.

Rebecca McLennan, Registered Manager and Owner, Eidyn Care

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