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Bluebird Care – Lewes District (Brighton & Hove) case study

PASS helped the Bluebird team reduce paperwork, save time, improve safety and grow their business


Bluebird Care Lewes District (Brighton & Hove) provide high-quality care for their customers across the Lewes District area and the City of Brighton & Hove. Their team supports around 170 people with a range of services, including Domiciliary Care, Live-in Care, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care, Respite Care, Physical Disabilities Care, End of Life Care and Reablement Services.


Safety: PASS offers real-time monitoring of care delivery, which Bluebird Care knew would be a real enabler of good quality care.

Improved auditing: PASS would allow Bluebird Care to audit every care note and every MAR chart. With digital care notes, information would be clear to read and easy to find.

Roster integration: Bluebird Care needed a solution that could be integrated with their third-party rostering system, Webroster. The open architecture offered by PASS was ideally suited to this.

The impact

With the introduction of PASS, Bluebird Care Lewes District has benefited from:

  • Reduced paperwork, which has resulted in the elimination of backlogs, and as a result increased responsiveness and therefore safety
  • Care workers say that they spend less time on form filling, and more time on caring
  • Business growth increased from a typical 15% a year to 36% in their first year of using PASS


As an early adopter of PASS GP Connect, they are also benefiting from real-time access to GP information at the point of care.

PASS GP Connect is an excellent piece of work! We use it mainly to access to the GP Summary page with a single click from within PASS, which is not only much more efficient for both us and the GP, but is also helping us to improve service user outcomes by uncovering important clinical information that might otherwise have been missed.

Karen Waddington, Training & Compliance Officer, Bluebird Care Lewes District

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