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How can PASS care home software benefit your service?

Plan care

Create care plans and log actions in real-time, so you’re instantly ready for the next check-in.

Monitor care

Keep track of everything in your care home, from care and medication to team performance.

Manage staff

Create staff profiles and assign roles, tasks and permissions across the whole team.

Ace inspections

Ace your next care home inspection with access to all of your data, all in one place.

Plan exceptional residential care without all the paperwork

Create digital care plans, log actions with a tap of a button, and confidently manage medication using one easy-to-use app. No more piles of paperwork—just safe, high-quality care tailored to each resident’s needs.

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Confidently approach inspections with PASS technology in your care home

PASS captures and organises all of your care delivery data, so you can easily evidence exceptional care during your next care inspection.

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One easy-to-use app for the whole care home

Our interface is user-friendly, allowing everyone on your team to navigate the system easily. This smooth and hassle-free transition to digital care management ensures efficient record keeping in care homes.

everyLIFE PASS Care Home Software: one app

Coordinate your care home with ease

Streamline care home management with real-time updates and timely alerts and reminders, ensuring efficient task completion and instant access to the latest resident information for optimal care coordination.

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Keep families involved

Keeping family members informed and involved in their loved ones’ care can be challenging. Thanks to openPASS, your care home can keep friends and family updated about how their loved one is doing with instant updates, fostering a more inclusive care environment.

everyLIFE PASS Care Home Software: openPASS

Get personalised onboarding and training

Our dedicated support team will guide you through every step of the setup process and provide customised training to ensure your care home team is fully equipped to make the most of all the features PASS has to offer.

Plus, our ongoing support ensures that you’re never alone on your journey to delivering exceptional care.

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See how real-time access to GP records supported improvements in both care and safety outcomes.

Registered Manager Paula Key says PASS has helped her team work more efficiently and navigate inspections with ease.

Discover how PASS reduced errors and led to better accuracy and a higher quality of care.

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person centred care plans

Update and access an individual's care plan in real-time, equipping care home staff with comprehensive care plan details to provide the utmost in person-centred care. Our unique 'About Me' feature allows each carer in your residential care home to swiftly and effortlessly grasp the specific care needs of each resident.​


instant care records

Adaptable and tailor-made forms can be shared across multidisciplinary teams in your care home, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in resident records. Digital logs provide immediate access to accurate records for Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs), and a comprehensive library of forms allows for customisable observations to be logged effortlessly.

Group 32

Timeline of Care

Gain a unified view of all operational events happening in real-time within your residential care home through our software platform. Customise care on-the-go with instant care notes, empowering your care home team to deliver the most timely and suitable care to each resident.


incident tracking

Our care home software features advanced incident tracking complete with body maps and customisable imagery for robust evidence gathering. Carers can link each incident directly to the resident's care plan and share this evidence with the entire team. This ensures that the most appropriate and effective care is consistently provided to each resident in your residential care home.

Medication Management

Speed up care delivery and enhance accuracy with our medication management features, leading to quicker recovery times and fewer hospital visits for your residential care home residents. Real-time alerts within the platform keep you informed, while a digital history of changes to the Medication Administration Record (MAR) chart eliminates duplicate efforts, ensuring streamlined and effective medication management.

GP connect

Grant extended access to authorised members of your residential care home team, ensuring that patient records are readily available for the delivery of highly personalised care. Following a GP visit, prescriptions can be immediately written and integrated into the internal Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts, streamlining the medication process and enhancing resident care.

profile icon

tags for insights

Utilise our tagging feature to group key team members, filter crucial information, or apply system tags around the clock, all aimed at enhancing communication, organisation, and management within your residential care home. This tagging functionality gives managers the flexibility to assign specific responsibilities to individuals or groups, ensuring efficient and effective care delivery.

settings icon

customisable terminology

Customise terminology within care plans to make sure residents in your care home are at ease with the language used. This not only improves understanding among Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) but also enhances their communication with residents. Consistency in terminology across your residential care business ensures that everyone is on the same page, contributing to a more harmonious and effective care environment.

Family & friends portal

Care plans in our residential care home software are updated in real-time and can be instantly shared with family and friends. Carers have the flexibility to access care records remotely on any device, from any location. This boosts efficiency and ensures that all records are readily available for CQC inspections or internal audits, streamlining compliance and enhancing transparency.

Residential care software FAQs

Residential care software manages all aspects of running a residential care home digitally.

How does residential care software benefit care homes?

Yes, it can manage the care plans and records of multiple residents efficiently.

Yes, it uses advanced security measures to protect sensitive resident information.

Yes, it helps ensure compliance with care regulations and standards.

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