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 Plan care, schedule teams, manage complex health conditions, and report outcomes with one digital solution for complex care providers. Streamline your complex care coordination from start to finish with PASS complex care software.

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How can PASS complex care software support your service?

Coordinate care

Create personalised care plans and schedules to meet the needs of complex care clients.

Enhance monitoring

Track and manage multiple complex health conditions for prompt and responsive care.

Manage teams

Manage team schedules and funding arrangements with smart digital rostering tools.

Report care

Instantly analyse care trends, report outcomes, and share data with regulators.

All-in-one complex care software at your fingertips

Transform your care service with our NHS assured desktop and mobile complex care software, simplifying care delivery and improving care quality for your complex care clients.

NHS Assured Complex Care Software

Easy-to-use digital complex care documentation

Use digital social care records to create precise and adaptable complex care packages that develop alongside your clients’ daily requirements.

everyLIFE PASS Complex Care Software Digital Social Care Records

Planning and roster management for complex care teams

Align your team to efficiently address the evolving demands of your complex care clients, guaranteeing dependable, high-standard care all of the time.

everyLIFE PASS Complex Care Software roster and rota

Provide safer care through digital medication control

Minimise medication mistakes with PASS. Our eMar tools – complete with GP Connect, MAR charts, and care timelines – introduce accuracy and security in managing complex care medication.

everyLIFE PASS Complex Care Software medication management

Complex care software for families and caregivers

Connect carers and families. openPASS creates openness and teamwork in complex care provision, boosting reputation and confidence in your service.

everyLIFE PASS Complex Care Software friends and family portal

One-to-one onboarding for the whole team

Our friendly support team are ready to guide you through every step of the setup, providing bespoke training to guarantee your staff are fully equipped to use our complex care software.

everyLIFE PASS Complex Care Software personalised training

Personalised onboarding

Unlimited 24/7/365 customer support

Dedicated account manager

Join 84,000+ care professionals using PASS

Care management software on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Try PASS complex care software

All the essentials to run your complex care service, available through one easy-to-use app

Support carers and complex care clients in both home and residential settings

Award-winning, NHS Assured Solution

Customer success stories

Discover how our complex care software assists providers and facilities in achieving their fullest potential

Learn how PASS assisted Appletree Support in saving time and delivering safer care.

Discover how PASS enhanced complex healthcare care coordination and medication management for the Baxters Homecare staff.

Learn more about our software for complex care

Intuitive software design

Easily interact with our user-friendly solution, created to simplify your experience with complex care software.

Protected information handling

Rely on our stringent security measures to protect confidential information in complex care settings safely and privately.

On-the-go access

Handle complex care with ease at any time, from any place, using our handy mobile app.

Timely updates

Keep on top of crucial duties in your complex care facility with customised notifications.

Easy billing and invoicing

Simplify finances in your complex care service using our flexible billing system.

GP connect

Effortlessly connect with GP systems, guaranteeing prompt and cohesive care.

Instant data insights

Gain instant understanding of your complex care environment with reports showing real-time information.

Efficient activity planning

Effectively plan and monitor client activities in complex care environments, improving involvement and health.

Comprehensive training tools

Enhance your staff's abilities through our extensive training programs.

Team-friendly platform

Cultivate collaboration and effectiveness in care with our system built for unlimited staff users.

Compliance assurance

Effortlessly comply with regulations and handle audits in complex care settings using our compliance tools.

Customised client profiles

Provide personalised care using our in-depth client profiles.

Complex care FAQs

Complex care, also known as long-term or continuing care, is specialised medical and support services for individuals with chronic health issues, severe disabilities, or extensive medical needs. It involves coordinated and comprehensive care management over an extended period.

Complex care often involves supporting individuals with long-term or chronic health issues. This can range from managing acquired brain injuries and neurological conditions, to caring for those with spinal injuries, various disabilities, and individuals requiring ventilators or Gastrostomy feeds such as PEG.

In health and social care, when we say care is ‘complex’, it means a person needs many different kinds of care and support. This is usually because they have more than one health problem, need various types of help and services, and all these need to be carefully planned and coordinated together.

Complex care software is essential as it aids in efficiently managing the intricate needs of the people you care about. It enhances care coordination, improves accuracy in treatment and medication management, and facilitates better communication among caregivers, leading to improved outcomes.

Find out more about how PASS care management software can aid your complex care delivery here.

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