All PASS features

Plan care, schedule visits, manage compliance and lots more using one easy-to-use app.

Care management software on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Care planning

Create person-centred electronic care plans with the click of a button, with real-time oversight of care delivery.


Seamlessly organise and manage care visits with our intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling tools, ensuring efficient care delivery for every service user.

Care reporting

Generate easy-to-use care reports in an instant, offering transparent insights into care quality and compliance for both staff and stakeholders.

GP Connect

Effortlessly integrate with GP practice systems for a unified healthcare approach, enabling real-time sharing of critical medical information for better patient outcomes.


Gain secure, real-time access to care records and updates through openPASS, empowering family members and healthcare professionals to stay informed and involved.

Electronic medicines administration records (eMAR)

Streamline medication management with our electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR), reducing errors and enhancing patient safety with real-time tracking and alerts.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: bodymapping

Body mapping

Utilise our interactive body mapping feature to accurately document and track physical conditions, ensuring precise care assessments and targeted interventions.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: Medication management

Medication management

Simplify the complexities of medication management with our robust medication management tools, ensuring accurate dosages, timely administration, and full compliance with healthcare standards.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: Risk assessment

Risk assessments

Conduct thorough risk assessments with ease, identifying potential hazards and implementing preventive measures to ensure the highest level of safety and well-being for service users.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: incident reporting

Incident reporting

Quickly and accurately document any incidents, from falls to medication errors, with our streamlined reporting system, facilitating immediate action and ongoing quality improvement.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: templates and documents

Templates and bespoke document builder

Choose from a range of pre-designed templates or create your own custom documents with our bespoke builder, offering unparalleled flexibility in care documentation and planning.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: nfc and QR code check in

NFC & QR code check-in

Enhance visit verification and staff accountability with our NFC and QR code check-in feature, providing an extra layer of security and real-time tracking for peace of mind.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: Voice to text

Voice to text

Capture important care details effortlessly with our voice-to-text feature, allowing care staff to focus more on the client and less on manual note-taking.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: timelines of care

Timelines of care

Visualise the entire care journey with our interactive timelines, offering a chronological view of care events, interventions, and outcomes for easy monitoring and evaluation.

everyLIFE PASS Care Management Software: offline functionality

Online and offline functionality

Stay connected to essential care data whether you’re online or offline, ensuring uninterrupted care delivery and immediate access to critical information, anytime, anywhere.