Launched in 2015, everyLIFE Technologies is rapidly transforming social care through its intelligent care management platform, The PASSsystem. Eliminating time consuming paperwork, and dramatically reducing the risk of medicines mismanagement through the real time delivery and analysis of digital care notes, everyLIFE is driving up quality of care, while also delivering break through efficiencies and service compliance. 

Real time provision of care record data is helping care providers meet NICE guidance, CQC, CSSIW and Care Inspectorate standards. Working in close collaboration with social care providers and the NHS, everyLIFE is part of a new wave of digital healthcare agents seeking to understand, shape and address tomorrow’s challenges, while also meeting today’s. The PASSsystem is unique and is the only digital care management system that is NICE compliant, referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports, and recommended by NHS England.

The Fourth Age of Care

Care has evolved from family care, through residential care to the growth of homecare and of course the combination of all.

Care is evolving again, driven by a combination of heightened consumer expectation, increased demand due to an aging population and the advance of mobile technology to improve data sharing.

We are moving into ‘The Fourth Age of Care’. The challenges are significant. Quality of care is increasingly scrutinized, the complexity of care required outside of hospital settings is increasing, families are demanding up to the minute care reports and business owners are being squeezed by Local Authority budgets and employee wage inflation.

The care industry needs a mobile platform to improve care quality, to establish essential connections between health and social care stakeholders and to modernise inefficient processes. The market is demanding a real-time view of care provision that will deliver the person- centered care that supports vulnerable people.

The PASSsystem has been developed to be at the heart of the Fourth Age of Care.

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