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The story so far…

Founded in late 2014, everyLIFE Technologies Ltd was launched to meet a real business need to reduce the risk associated with the administration of medications in care businesses. Initial discussions with care business owners led to more serious meetings about apps, Java, Scala and cloud computing and very soon everyLIFE Technologies was born.

PASS Care Planning soon followed, piloting in December 2014 and going live in February of the following year. In response to the hugely positive reception of PASS by its first adopters, the risk-reducing, real-time care monitoring app quickly became a multi-function care management platform shaped by its users and delivering an entirely new approach to client data, alerts and reporting.

Since then, everyLIFE has grown rapidly from a few people with Apple Macs and a shared dream to make a difference in the care sector, to a fast-moving, market-leading, game-changing care technology company employing 60 people passionate to build the best platform in care.

About everyLIFE Technologies - helping care providers to be the best they can be

And the story continues

Over the last nearly six years, we’ve launched great new real-time care monitoring products for care businesses and to the public who use care. And great new people have joined us to accelerate growth and realise their ideas in a free-thinking and innovative environment. Our day-to-day work values are dynamism, inspiration, sociability, excitement, innovation and pride in what we do. We encourage learning, transparency, ambition and a growth mindset all in a culture of job satisfaction, diversity and fun.

everyLIFE has completed the NHS Information Governance Toolkit V14.1 (a requirement for suppliers to NHS and related bodies), adheres to the principles of the National Cyber Security Centre and carries both ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditations.

Unusually in the sector, every member of staff is required to undertake and pass the NHS Data Security Awareness training course.

everyLIFE represents a refreshingly different, and unusually low-risk technology partner, with the definitive PASS product work-proven by thousands of users, the tightest governance and the greatest technical capability.

Our values