Reablement software for integrated care teams

From hospital to home, use PASS reablement software to plan responsive care, coordinate MDTs, report progress and support the user’s reablement journey back to independence

How can our reablement software support your service?

Personalise care

Tailor care plans and timetables for each client, ensuring their reablement goals are met.

Support recovery

Manage activities such as medication, meal prep, physio, personal care and more.

Coordinate teams

Efficiently organise multi disciplinary teams and take care of funding using smart digital tools.

Report and share

Monitor health and progression while sharing outcomes with integrated care teams and families.

Create and manage reablement care plans

Streamline the creation and management of personalised reablement care plans with our software. Enhance efficiency and care quality, ensuring each client’s journey towards independence is well-supported and tailored.

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software care planning

Use digital records to keep care up to date

Keep reablement care accurate and responsive with real time digital records. Ensure seamless updates and instant access to care plans, improving the continuity and effectiveness of care.

Plan and track activities such as meal prep, physiotherapy, personal care, and more
everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software digital social care records

Easy rostering for reablement care teams

Simplify rostering for integrated care teams using our reablement software. Efficiently assign staff to tasks based on expertise and experience, ensuring optimal care delivery and team coordination.

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software scheduling, rota and roster

Manage medication safely

Safely manage medication for reablement service users using eMAR, timelines of care, GP Connect and more. Track dosages and schedules accurately, reducing risks and improving client health outcomes.

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software medication management and eMAR

Keep family and friends in the know

Keep family and friends informed about their loved one’s reablement journey with openPASS. Provide regular updates and insights, creating transparency and peace of mind, using software designed specifically for reablement.

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software friends and family portal

Easy to learn. Easy to get started

Benefit from personalised onboarding, continuous training, and round-the-clock customer support via our reablement app.

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software training

Personalised onboarding

Unlimited 24/7/365 customer support

Dedicated account manager

Join 84,000+ care professionals using PASS

Care management software on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Try PASS Reablement software

Access all the essential tools needed to manage your reablement service through our user-friendly app

Support reablement care clients from hospital to home and keep families and healthcare agencies in the know

Award-winning, NHS Assured Solution

everyLIFE PASS Reablement Software case study

With the introduction of PASS, Reading Borough Council has streamlined care delivery using a unified  reablement app for care planning and rostering, and enhanced transparency with openPASS, accessible to family and health staff.

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Anyone can use our simple platform, crafted to ease your reablement service management.

Super secure

Trust our robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive data in reablement settings, ensuring confidentiality.

Access anywhere, anytime

Manage reablement care from anywhere, at any moment, with our convenient mobile application.

Reminders & alerts

Stay informed of key tasks with tailored alerts via our reablement app.

Easy billing and invoicing

Ease your financial processes with our adaptable billing system tailored for reablement care.

GP connect

Seamlessly link with GP systems for consistent and timely care.

Real-time data

Quickly comprehend your care provision with live data reports.

Activity planner

Plan and oversee client activities in reablement settings, enhancing engagement and wellbeing.


Improve your team’s skills with our comprehensive product training.

Collaborative team platform

Foster team cooperation and efficiency in reablement care with our inclusive software.

Compliance made simple

Easily adhere to care standards and simplify audits with our compliance features.

Tailored client profiles

Deliver person-centred care with our detailed client profile system.

Reablement FAQs

Reablement care is a person-centred, short-term service designed to help individuals regain their independence and functionality after an illness, injury, or hospital stay. It involves a team of care professionals who work with the person to relearn skills and perform daily activities.

Software for reablement streamlines care planning, monitoring, and coordination, ensuring that each client’s care is personalised and responsive. It aids in managing schedules, tracking progress, and facilitating communication among care teams and families.

Absolutely, our reablement software is highly flexible and can be tailored to match the unique requirements of your care service. Whether you need custom care plans, reporting templates, or specific features, our software can be adapted to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Our software includes comprehensive compliance tools that help reablement care providers stay up to date with regulations, manage audits efficiently, and maintain the highest care quality standards.

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