Liverpool City Council case study

Since implementing PASS, Liverpool Council has received an award at the National GO Public Procurement Awards


Liverpool Council’s Adult Social Care provides services and support for disabled people who may have a physical or sensory impairment, adults with learning disabilities, people with mental ill health and adults whose independence is at risk due to age or frailty.

With more people supported in the community living with multiple comorbidities, they identified that incorporating digital care planning would enable better monitoring of citizens and likely lead to reductions in the need for people to access services, as well as improving their ability to live better lives in their own homes by enhancing their quality of life.


Through the 2017 EU funded STOP & GO programme, Liverpool’s domiciliary care providers chose PASS for the operational benefits it offered, including:

  • Person-centred care plans, assessments, reviews and MAR charts, which can be created and maintained on web, mobile and tablet apps
  • Care assessments and reviews which can be completed in the home – and automatically synchronised with PASS in the cloud
  • Immediate access for other professionals, like social workers, to completed assessments
  • Access to family members for increased transparency
  • Local authorities can easily transfer care between service providers if one business fails, ensuring continuity of care
  • Local authorities can review the performance of multiple care providers through the click of a button via multi-office dashboard
  • Real-time data synchronisation from partner roster systems
  • Automatic update of eMAR charts when medication tasks are completed and when care plan updates are made
  • A suite of 20+ assessments and document templates, reflecting best practice to help new users deliver best care from the start

everyLIFE entered into a framework agreement with Liverpool City Council in 2017, and to date has raised separate contracts with some 50 of their providers.

The impact

PASS was delivered in phases, based on the state of readiness of each care provider. Liverpool City Council received regular reports on the impact of PASS. Benefits observed included:

  • Increased efficiency of c30-50% of time saved on administration tasks
  • 90% average reduction in medication errors
  • Increased transparency, enabling families to access same information as care professionals
  • Improvement in care providers’ CQC ratings
  • Reduction in complaints to the Council.

Since implementing PASS, Liverpool Council has received an award at the National GO Public Procurement Awards which recognise those leading the way in using public money in smart and effective ways to help people who need
it most.

The ability for family members  and other care professionals, particularly social workers, to access the information remotely and be confident that the information is up to date, whatever the time of day has been transformational.

Ann Williams, Commissioning and Contracts Manager, Liverpool City Council

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