Care rostering software

Schedule visits, coordinate care and support payroll with one easy-to-use app.

Build and manage teams efficiently with our rostering software

Tailored to care

PASS offers a comprehensive and full-service suite of rostering tools designed to save your care organisation time and financial resource. Our Roster will help increase efficiency and transparency in the care you deliver and drive better outcomes for those you care about. 

Roster features will enable you to:

  • Allocate visits and runs
  • Manage holidays and absences
  • Maintain necessary staffing levels
  • Manage billing and payroll data
  • Meet the reporting needs of your business, and those of your regulator, commissioners and others
  • All with a single PASS login

Built with care providers

PASS has been built in collaboration with care providers and for care providers – our rostering is no exception. We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by care providers regarding the scheduling and rostering of their teams. Our best-in-class rostering software enables our clients to have real-time visibility, reporting and forecasting of rotas, payroll, billing and scheduling of their care teams.

With the launch of Roster, we now offer an all-in-one care management software solution. Care Planning and Reporting works together seamlessly with Rostering.

Key Roster Features Include:


Scheduling visits

A one-view schedule of all planned visits with complete information on the carer, service user, time, date and location. Match approved, specific carers to service users for consistency in care delivery and warn service users of changes for future visits. Issue staff rotas and schedules in advance to improve team efficiency or schedule care delivery as runs if required.

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Approving Timesheets

Customise dates, filter by completion status and search for specific employees' timesheets for accurate and real-time data. Date customisation allows viewing, editing and approval of timesheets for past and present weeks. Improve efficiency through speed and ease of use for the team and ensure service users receive consistency in their care.


Invoice Management

Accurate, real-time and accessible invoice information available to approved finance users with our home care billing software. Customise funder information, update completion & approval status and select an invoicing cycle that is specific to the business. Funding for the individual is processed efficiently, enabling care delivery to run smoothly and consistently.


financial health

Safe, secure and real-time view of business financial health and payroll data. Improve efficiency through invoicing and payroll, including amending paperwork in real-time where required. Our platform enables rapid calculation of travel, holiday pay and minimum wage, as well as providing best practice audit-trail to be used as evidence during inspections.

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payroll management

View, amend and send payroll details to approved finance members. Digitally access accurate and timely salary information as well as up to date payroll data in real-time. Be confident that carers are paid correctly and on-time, and that finances are accurate and efficient for finance auditing.

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gross pay advice (GPA)

Customise dates, filter by category, send GPAs to individuals or large groups simultaneously and download GPA data in various formats. Use our platform to view, manage and execute payroll efficiently and accurately so that the team can focus on delivering excellent care.


roster reporting

Multi-category reporting inclusive of care delivery and outcomes; customers, employees, scheduling and finance. filter by category to drill down deeper on information such as continuity of care, visits completed and visits cancelled, funder contracts, gross pay advice and more.