Home care rostering software for efficient teams

Unlock the full potential of your care team with smart scheduling, helpful alerts, and drag-and-drop tools.

everyLIFE PASS home care rostering

How our rostering software helps you to deliver efficient care

Optimise your team

Plan visits and schedule carers to the minute, keeping track of travel time and availability

Coordinate care

Better understand when, where and who is providing care in real-time, with rostering your can rely on

Manage finances

Easily track time, instantly export invoices, and share directly with the funder

Stay in sync

Link care planning and medication management with rostering, giving you a crystal clear view of care

Optimise care delivery with our smart care scheduling software

Our smart care scheduling system helps you plan every care visit down to the last detail, keeping an eye on travel time, healthcare requirements, clashes and unassigned hours, making sure your team is always where they need to be, efficiently and on time

Precision planning ensures optimal efficiency in care delivery
everyLIFE PASS home care rostering | AI-assisted

Stay coordinated with a view of the whole team

Our next-generation rostering system provides a clear overview of care schedules, detailing who is providing care, along with the when and where of each visit

Improve coordination and reliability in care management
everyLIFE PASS home care rostering | team scheduling

Manage finances with ease, speed, and confidence

Our rota software for domiciliary care simplifies finance management for care providers by tracking hours, automatically calculating bills, and generating secure invoices to share with funders at the click of a button

Streamline financial aspects of your care service, allowing for more focus on quality care
everyLIFE PASS home care rostering | billing and invoicing

Stay in sync with our all-in-one planning, reporting and care scheduling software

All-in-one PASS connects care planning, medication management, reporting and rostering using a single, seamless app, ensuring all aspects of care are harmonised

Ensure your team is informed on-the-go with real-time updates
everyLIFE PASS home care rostering | integrations

More about PASS home care rostering software

Real-time updates

Get instant updates on any changes in scheduling or care plans, keeping everyone informed

Drag-and-drop tools

Effortlessly manage schedules with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Time-saving automation

Automate reoccurring schedules, freeing up more time for care delivery and strategic thinking

Integrated communication tools

Facilitate smooth communication among care teams with notices, alerts and reminders

Conflict alerts

Automatically detect and resolve scheduling conflicts, ensuring seamless care delivery without overlaps or gaps

Enhanced client matching

Match caregivers with clients based on specific needs and preferences, ensuring personalised and effective care

Employee timesheets

Streamline the approval process for timesheets, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in staff hours tracking

Support payroll

Be confident that carers are paid correctly and on-time with PASS finance software.

Comprehensive reporting

Generate detailed reports on staff performance, client visits, and service efficiency for informed decision-making

Mobile accessibility

Access schedules and client information on-the-go with our Android and iOS care rostering app, whenever, wherever

Join 84,000+ care professionals using PASS

Care management software on desktop, tablet and smartphone

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Smart scheduling, drag-and-drop tools, and easy billing and invoicing
Sync care planning, medication management and reporting with all-in-one PASS
NHS Assured Solution with full training and onboarding

Customer success stories

Discover how our customers are using home care rostering software to optimise care

“We’ve been able to tailor PASS to meet our every need. I have actually enjoyed using it, and I am extremely proud of everything we’ve been able to achieve since introducing PASS across the care planning and scheduling aspects of our service.”

“As an early adopter of All-in-one PASS, our use case examples and product enhancement suggestions were taken on board and have helped to shape the product that we see today. We really feel that our voice was heard.”

Care rostering software FAQs

Care rostering software is a specialised tool designed to streamline the management of care schedules, ensuring efficient client visits and care delivery.

Our system enhances care management by providing real-time updates, enabling efficient planning and organisation of visits and tasks, and facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of care delivery.

Yes, All-in-one PASS seamlessly links home care rostering, care planning, medication management, care reporting, GP Connect and billing and invoicing.

Key features to look for include real-time visibility, automated scheduling, conflict resolution mechanisms, mobile accessibility, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

It supports caregiver management by enabling efficient scheduling, providing real-time updates on care delivery, and offering tools for communication and performance monitoring.

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