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Discover a variety of helpful resources, including free downloadable guides and checklists, to support you on your journey to leadership in social care.

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Discover your leadership style and unlock your potential

When it comes to leadership in social care, every leader will have their own style – there is no ‘right’ way to lead. The aim of this guide is to help you unlock your potential through discovering which style suits you best.

Leaders of Tomorrow: The essential guide to leadership in care

Packed with practical tips, straightforward advice, and valuable resources, 'The essential guide to leadership in social care' is your ideal companion for the leadership journey in social care, offering guidance every step of the way.
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Leaders of Tomorrow: Research to inform the future of leadership in social care

Gain access to the most recent insights in leadership and management within the health and social care sector, and learn how to nurture and support the future leaders in your care business.

Free downloadable resources

Self-assessment checklist

Reflecting on your strong points and potential growth areas, while actively pursuing advice and direction from mentors and peers in leadership, are key practices that encourage continuous improvement and excellence.

Mentorship request template

To assist you in obtaining a mentorship, we've created a free downloadable Mentorship Request Template. This resource is designed to help you effectively communicate with potential mentors.
"Our aim is to support your career progression and equip you with the insights needed to steer an effective and efficient care service when your leadership moment arrives."
Duncan Campbell, Director of everyLIFE Technologies
Duncan Campbell
Director at everyLIFE Technologies and Member of the Marie Curie Scottish Advisory Board

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