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Kingsway Care

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Kingsway Care is the Number One home care provider in Brighton & Hove, enabling older and disabled Clients to stay in the homes they know and love. They have embraced technology to streamline their care operations, freeing up time to focus on delivering quality care to their clients.

They have been using PASS since the launch of their care business in 2021.


Trust through transparency: openPASS, the portal that provides friends and family with a view of care, aligns with their ambition for family engagement and the promotion of trust through transparency.

Responsive care: Realtime updates are important for ensuring that they always have the latest information about their clients, a crucial enabler for providing responsive and personalised care.

Customisable: The flexibility of PASS allows them to design and customise their care plans and documentation to cater to the specific needs of their clients.

The impact

With the introduction of PASS, Kingsway Care has benefited from:

  • Easy access to care data, resulting in streamlined auditing processes which save time and enhance accuracy
  • Realtime information on medication errors, allowing a prompt response and ultimately an improvement in the safety of care
  • The introduction of new Observations, enabling closer monitoring and auditing of changes in client behaviour
  • Ease of sharing information, updates and concerns between staff, carers and family members, fostering better collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page

Moreover, the continuous updates to PASS ensure that Kingsway Care has a solution that evolves alongside their own needs.

The user friendly design of PASS has been particularly beneficial for new staff members. It has shortened the learning curve, enabling them to be fully operational more quickly. Once onboarded, PASS allows our carers to spend less time on admin and more time delivering quality care.”

Lisa James, Registered Manager, Kingsway Care

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