Supported living software for
simple and safe assisted care

Empower carers and support independence with our NHS assured assisted living software
designed and developed for the daily demands of supported living.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software 56,000+ carers

Join 84,000+ carers using PASS!

How can PASS supported living software benefit your service?

Smarter workflow

Create digital care plans and schedule staff with a click of a button

Reduce admin

Manage care securely from the cloud and cut paperwork

Improve care

Deliver safer care with instant access to care notes and medication records

Manage compliance

Identify trends, report outcomes and easily share data with inspectors

All-in-one assisted living software at your fingertips

Transform your care delivery with our NHS assured all-in-one desktop and mobile solution, streamlining tasks and enhancing the quality of care for your assisted living clients.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software NHS Assured Solution

Easy-to-use Digital Social Care Records

Streamline your assisted living service using our supported living software. Our software with digital social care records (DSCR) ensures efficient, accurate supported living care plans that evolve with your clients’ needs.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software Digital Social Care Records

Efficient staff scheduling and rostering

Coordinate your staff effectively to meet the dynamic needs of your supported living service users, ensuring reliable, quality care at all times.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software Schedule Staff

Deliver safer care with digital medication management

Reduce medication errors with PASS. Our eMar features – including GP Connect, MAR charts and timelines of care – bring precision and safety to medication management.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software Medication Management

Family and caregiver portal for assisted living

Bridge the gap between caregivers and families. openPASS promotes transparency and collaboration in care delivery, enhancing trust and reputation.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software Friends and Family Portal

Personalised training for your whole team

Our expert support team is here to assist you through each phase of the setup, offering tailored training to ensure your staff are set to take advantage of our software for assisted living.

everyLIFE PASS Supported Living Software Personalised Training

Personalised onboarding

Unlimited 24/7/365 customer support

Dedicated account manager

Join 84,000+ care professionals using PASS

Care management software on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Try PASS supported living software today

Everything you need to operate your assisted living care business, all in one place

Promote independence and support carers in both home and residential settings

Award-winning, NHS Assured Solution

Customer success stories

Explore how our supported living software helps providers and assisted living facilities to be the best they can be

Discover how PASS helped Appletree Support save time and provide safer care.

PASS helped Care Dynamics reduce medication errors, simplify compliance and speed up admin, resulting in an ‘outstanding’ CQC rating.

See how PASS gave Cantraybridge College improved operational efficiency and increased staff motivation.

Learn more about our software for supported living

User-friendly interface

Effortlessly navigate our intuitive interface, designed to simplify your experience with supported living software.

Secure data management

Trust in our robust security protocols to keep sensitive data in assisted living environments secure and private.

Mobile app integration

Manage supported living care effortlessly anytime, anywhere with our convenient mobile app.

Helpful alerts and notifications

Stay on top of essential tasks in your assisted living facility with tailored alerts.

Flexible billing and invoicing

Streamline financial management in your supported living service with our adaptable billing system.

GP connect

Integrate seamlessly with GP systems, ensuring coordinated care and communication.

Real-time reporting

Obtain immediate insights on your supported living setting with reports that reflect up-to-the-minute data.

Activity scheduling

Efficiently organise and track resident activities in supported living settings, enhancing engagement and wellbeing.

Training and support resources

Boost your team's skills with our comprehensive training offerings.

Multi-user accessibility

Foster teamwork and efficiency in assisted living care with our platform designed for unlimited users.

Regulatory compliance tools

Seamlessly adhere to standards and manage audits in supported living environments with our compliance features.

Personalised resident profiles

Deliver tailored care in assisted living settings with our detailed resident profiles.

Supported living software FAQs

Supported living software helps manage and coordinate care for individuals in assisted living settings.

It streamlines care tasks and enhances communication among care providers and service users.

Yes, it can be customised to meet the unique needs of different assisted living facilities.

Yes, it assists in maintaining compliance with care standards and regulations.

It provides tools for efficient care management, enabling care teams to focus more on service users.

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