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Mulholland Care case study

Improved communications around medical information for safer, more efficient care


Muholland Care is a family run community care service providing domiciliary support to some 90  adults living in their own homes, including those living with dementia, a mental health illness or a learning disability.


They introduced PASS digital care planning in 2019, and in  April 2022 they were an early adopter of PASS GP Connect Extended Access. They could clearly see the benefits of providing authorised staff with access to their clients’ GP medical records at the point of care, including:

  • Being able to see changes to medications as they happen
  • Checking medical history to inform care planning
  • Having full visibility of allergies especially with clients who aren’t easily able to reliably share their personal information.

With PASS already delivering a host of benefits such as time saving efficiencies, realtime information sharing and powerful data insights, Mulholland were already advocates of transformation through digitisation. They were therefore eager to build on that with PASS GP Connect, which exemplifies the benefits of more joined up health and social care and ultimately results in a higher quality of care and clear benefits for their clients.

The impact

Through the introduction of PASS GP Connect, Mulholland has benefited from:

  • Enhanced, safer medication management
  • Improved health & well being for people receiving care
  • Improved communication with GP’s
  • Better risk management through improved care planning for personalised care
  • Reduction in incorrect treatments
  • Reduction in missed medications
  • Safer prescribing
  • NHS savings due to reductions in medications being stock piled / unused

Having PASS GP Connect is definitely resulting in safer medication management. As an example, we were able to see that a prescription for morphine, which had already been delivered by the pharmacy, had in fact been changed by the GP so was not to be administered. Without GP Connect we would not have known about the medication  change until it was too late.

Sara Roose, Deputy/ Operations Manager – Mulholland Care

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