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PASS streamlines the delivery of home-based care by offering real-time care planning, reporting, and staff scheduling, ensuring seamless and efficient care.

Simplify the management of supported living services by offering customisable care plans and efficient staff scheduling, enabling a more person-centred approach.

PASS supports reablement teams by providing dynamic care plans and real-time reporting, facilitating quicker patient recovery and independence.

Enhance the quality of care in residential settings by offering comprehensive care planning and reporting tools that are easy to use for staff at all levels.

Enable providers to manage complex care needs efficiently by integrating multi-disciplinary care plans with real-time reporting and staff scheduling.

Nursing homes

PASS ensures that nursing homes can deliver specialised medical care efficiently by integrating detailed care plans with real-time reporting and staff scheduling.

Extra care

Enhance the management of extra care services with flexible care planning, real-time reporting, and staff scheduling, enabling a responsive approach to care.

Children's care

PASS optimises the care for children by offering adaptable care plans and real-time reporting, ensuring the well-being and safety of young patients.

Learning disabilities

Elevate the standard of care for individuals with learning disabilities with person-centred care planning, enabling an adaptive approach to individual needs.

Retirement living solution

Retirement living

Improve the oversight of retirement living services with adaptable care planning, instant reporting, and workforce scheduling, fostering a proactive approach to care.


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