GP Connect - New Extension Provides Access to GP Records

Access GP records from NHS Digital in an instant with PASS

The first care management platform to provide easy access to GP records of patient data for Registered Managers, Care Managers, Care Team Leaders and selected roles.

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What is GP Connect?

GP Connect allows authorised care professionals from  Registered Clinicians to Care Managers, Team Leaders to Social Workers, to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently.

The service makes electronic patient records  available to all appropriate clinicians when and where they need them to support direct patient care, leading to improvements in both care and outcomes.


PASS will allow easy, real-time digital access to important patient records  including:

  • Problems and Issues,
  • Allergies and Adverse Reactions
  • Acute and Repeat Medication

This means you be able to work seamlessly with medical and healthcare colleagues to provide the best possible care and clinical pathways to your clients and residents.


Expanded access using PASS

PASS was the first care management platform to integrate GP Connect for our customers. The result was an incredible success with registered clinicians able to easily and quickly access information from the GP patient record and deliver better standards of care as a result.

Since then, we’ve been advocating for social care providers working in direct care to be given the same access to GP information as their health partners.

And today we’re very pleased to offer extended access to the GP patient record.

What does this mean for care providers?

Using PASS already allows for registered clinicians to access real-time information through GP Connect but this latest development means that the ability to view key areas of the GP patient record will very soon be extended beyond Registered Clinicians to the following roles, providing their organisation has published a Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) at Standards Met or above:

  • Registered manager / Care Manager
  • Deputy Home Manager / Deputy
  • Care Manager
    Senior Carer / Team Leader
  • Pharmacist / Pharmacy technician
  • Social worker


To have GP Connect enabled, you need to have completed and published a Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) assessment at (

For those currently working towards their DSPT, we have webinars and other assistance available for you. If you’re an existing customer please contact our Support Desk for these. 

Once you have your DSPT in place, or if you have already completed your DSPT, please get in touch to confirm the name of your Registered Manager and other leaders in your team and we can set them up for you.