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Explore how PASS care planning software simplifies your care management tasks in just 60 seconds with our quick and easy-to-follow explainer.

Experience the transformative power of openPASS, providing real-time updates and seamless communication, all explained in less than a minute.

Got 60 seconds? Let us take you on a quick, educational and easy to follow tour of our smart scheduling, billing and invoicing features.

Discover how GP Connect improves communication and teamwork among healthcare professionals, saving care providers 30 hours each month on average.

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Turn hours of paperwork into just a few clicks with PASS Roster and Finance.

Schedule visits with speed and ease using Multi-select visits, our new feature from PASS Roster.

Joghide Homecare switched to PASS for streamlined care planning, reporting and medication management.

See how PASS transformed care  with streamlined planning, management, and reporting.

Here’s what you need to know about data, onboarding and training.

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