Rostering Software

PASS Roster

All-in-one PASS, rostering software tailored to home care

Building upon the existing PASS platform to deliver a user experience which links scheduling, payroll and invoicing seamlessly with Care Planning and Reporting.

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All-in-one home care software for today and tomorrow

Tailored to care

PASS now provides a full-service suite of digital care management tools designed to save you time, increase the efficiency of your workforce, improve transparency of care and deliver better outcomes. 

Roster features will enable you to:

  • Allocate visits and runs
  • Manage holidays and absences
  • Maintain necessary staffing levels
  • Manage invoicing and payroll data
  • Meet the reporting needs of your business, and those of your regulator, commissioners and others
  • All with a single PASS login

Built with care providers

PASS has always been built with care providers, for care providers, working together as a team to improve delivery across all care settings by tackling everyday challenges head-on. We constantly strive to develop and maintain best-in-class care software solutions and PASS Roster is no exception. 

With the advent of Roster, an all-in-one software solution no longer has to mean compromising on care planning or in-depth reporting