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New feature: Automate Holiday Pay calculations

Managing Holiday Pay calculations can be complex, particularly with the need to align with government regulations.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new, fully integrated Holiday Pay feature in PASS Roster and Finance.

This tool is designed to automate Holiday Pay calculations for fixed and variable hours employees who are taking time off, ensuring accurate Gross Pay Advice (GPA) with minimal effort.

Book holiday for employees, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

PASS everyLIFE automate holiday pay calculations

Table of Contents

How to set up Holiday Pay in PASS

Getting started with Holiday Pay in PASS is straightforward, catering to both fixed and variable hour contracts. Here’s how to get it up and running:

Enable Holiday Pay calculations:

Whether your team works fixed hours or their schedules vary, activating Holiday Pay calculations is simple. Navigate to your ‘Contracts and Pay’ section under Roster settings, select your contract type, and enable ‘Calculate Holiday Pay’. If your staff includes fixed-hour employees who work overtime, remember to include overtime in their Holiday Pay calculations.

Automate holiday pay in PASS screen 2

Choose the right working pattern:

Selecting the correct working pattern for your employees is important to ensure accurate Holiday Pay calculations. This setting is essential for full-time, part-time, or shift-based staff.

Upload historic pay data (if needed):

If you’re missing some pay data for the past 52 weeks, you can easily upload this using our downloadable dynamic template to make sure everyone’s Holiday Pay is calculated accurately, based on government best-practice guidelines.

Automate holiday pay in PASS screen 1

How to book and manage holidays

Booking a holiday should be as relaxing as taking one. With PASS, you can book employee time off right from the daily schedule view or under the Holiday and Absences tab. Once booked, these holidays show up on the employee’s Timesheet, ready for your review and approval. It’s that simple!

How holiday appears on Timesheets and Gross Pay Advice (GPA)

On Timesheets:

Each booked holiday appears clearly on the Timesheet, showing the pay rate applicable at the end of the holiday. This integration ensures accuracy and transparency in managing Holiday Pay.

On Gross Pay Advice (GPA):

Verified holidays automatically populate the GPA. Whether generated automatically or manually, you’ll see a detailed summary of each employee’s total earnings, including Holiday Pay.

Why you'll love our new Holiday Pay management tools

Our new Holiday Pay feature simplifies the management of Holiday Pay calculations, ensuring compliance with UK employment laws. By integrating this feature, your service will benefit from:

  • Streamlined processes: Eliminate manual calculations and reduce errors with our automated system.
  • Regulatory compliance: Stay confident that your Holiday Pay management is accurate and compliant with current government regulations.

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