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Biometric Login now available in the PASSforcare app

We’re pleased to announce that Biometric Login is now available in the PASSforcare smartphone app.

This new and important security update introduces a blend of elevated security and convenience right to your fingertips (quite literally), so you can have complete peace of mind when delivering care.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Biometric login | PASS | everyLIFE Technologies

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What is Biometric Login?

Biometric Login is a simple yet highly secure way to access the PASSforcare app using your unique physical characteristics, like your fingerprint or facial features.

Instead of remembering and typing passwords, which can be forgotten, Biometric Login allows you to access the app quickly and securely with just a touch or a glance.

This feature uses the existing biometric capabilities of your Apple or Android device, making it secure, safe and convenient to access sensitive care information.

How it works

Setting up Biometric Login is easy.

Firstly, enable Biometric Login in ‘My details and settings’ from your account area in the PASSforcare app.

If you’ve already set up fingerprint or facial recognition on your device, the app will then automatically prompt you to use it the next time you log in. Just a quick scan, and you’re in!

If Biometrics are not set-up, please following the device manufacturer’s instructions to do so.

Biometric Login screens | PASS | everyLIFE Technologies


If your device has no Touch ID or Face ID capability then this option will be hidden by default. For more information, please visit the Biometric Login help article on our customer portal (you must be logged in to PASS to read).

How else does PASS keep me secure?

Biometric login is just one of many security features designed to keep you, your clients, and your data safe. This includes custom team permissions and roles, encrypted data processing and more.

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