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Love To Care

The positive image of care can so be often ignored, but an exhibition at the Care Show at the NEC Birmingham in October revealed the true face of care, the one that should be making headlines.

everyLIFE and Bluebird Care Westminster worked with lifestyle photographer Sandi Friend to explore the everyday world of carers. At the Care Show 2019 everyLIFE presented a series of portraits focusing on a few of the many thousands of professional Carers, and those who they care for, doing what they, and you, do so well every day – familiar and sometimes seemingly trivial tasks that are so important in making the lives of those they care for immeasurably better: the small acts of kindness and consideration as well as the fun and rewards which come back to both parties.

Sophy Robson, a Care Worker at Bluebird Care Westminster, who features prominently in the exhibition, said: “I’ve been working with old and vulnerable people for three years by supporting them with their day-to-day lives and enabling them to carry on with activities that most of us take for granted, in their own home. I find it extremely rewarding, it makes me happy and I’m proud to do this job. I’m really pleased to be a part of an exhibition that shows the real face of care.”

Robin Batchelor, Chairman and CEO of everyLIFE said: “The exhibition has had a very positive reception from the thousands of people coming to the Care Show. Closer Still, the event organisers, and Sandi Friend, our very talented photographer, have done a great job of bringing the overwhelmingly positive experience of care to the show. We are sure that many of the delegates here can relate personally to the positive expressions shown by the Carers and the people they care for. We hope to add to the gallery of photographs in the coming year and exhibit in more and varied locations.”

everyLIFE is leading a celebration of Carers across the country, raising their profile and recognising their efforts and support in a more public way by displaying these portraits. As founder members of the CARE badge it is something we feel strongly as a company, because over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day. We are in the privileged position of being able to see the most amazing work being done, often behind the scenes, in all weathers and with no regard for public holidays. But can others? We feel that it’s time to raise the public profile of social care and recognise the 9 million care workers and Carers helping others across the UK today.

The CARE badge is a unifying symbol of pride in our social care champions; those providing, receiving and supporting care. For Carers, wearing one is a clear demonstration of their pride in the quality work they do and also of our appreciation for the care and support we receive. It is long overdue recognition for the 2 million people employed in care outside the NHS, as well as the 7 million more unpaid Carers across the UK.

For more information about The CARE badge and how to get involved, click here.

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