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The essential guide to leadership in social care

Filled with useful tips, easy-to-follow advice, and helpful resources, The essential guide to leadership in social care will be your go-to companion on your leadership journey and beyond.

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What you'll learn

Tailor-made for aspiring leaders in social care, this guide serves as your companion throughout your leadership journey.

You’ll be equipped with helpful leadership resources and tools, and also benefit from actionable advice that you can implement in your daily practice to build knowledge, skills, and confidence

Discover the key qualities of a leader in social care

Learn about the key characteristics and skills that make a successful leader in social care, including effective communication, empathy, adaptability, and visionary leadership.

Access practical tools and leadership resources

Gain access to a variety of practical tools, such as a leadership self-assessment checklist, templates for requesting mentorship, and summaries of government support initiatives, all designed to enhance your leadership skills and career development.

Understand the importance of professional development

Explore the significance of continuous learning and professional growth. You'll be encouraged to participate in training programmes, utilise available resources, and seek mentorship opportunities to continuously improve and excel in your leadership journey.


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"Our aim is to support your career progression and equip you with the insights needed to steer an effective and efficient care service when your leadership moment arrives."
Duncan Campbell, Director of everyLIFE Technologies
Duncan Campbell
Director at everyLIFE Technologies and Member of the Marie Curie Scottish Advisory Board

The essential guide to leadership in social care - FAQs

Good leadership in social care involves empathy, clear communication, and adaptability. The essential guide to leadership in social care offers valuable insights into these qualities and how you can harness and develop them.

This guide provides practical tools like self-assessment checklists and mentorship templates to help you enhance your leadership skills effectively.

This guide includes summaries of government support initiatives and various resources, such as courses from Skills for Care, The National Care Forum, and The King’s Fund, for your leadership journey in social care.

Yes, continuous learning is essential. The guide emphasises the importance of ongoing training and mentorship to grow as a leader in social care.

Absolutely! The guide explains how to request mentorship and utilise it for your professional development in social care leadership.

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