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Well That Went Well! The Joy Of Writing Case Studies

It’s always very rewarding coming away from an interview with a customer I am writing a case study for. Working mostly at a desk, behind the scenes and largely removed from day to day contact with customers, it’s reassuring to see the PASSsystem up and running out there in the real world, displaying on their dashboards as I walk into their offices.

Of course, as a two-year-old everyLIFER, I do already know all about the benefits and advantages that using PASS will bring, but actually seeing it at work out there is always heartening. Hearing how real businesses are integrating PASS into their lives, adapting and streamlining their working practices and raising their expectations because of it, can be illuminating. It is fascinating to hear how people bring their own ingenuity and perspectives to a product flexible enough to respond to their requirements and quickly make it the back bone of their whole endeavour.

I have sipped tea in large offices, cramped corners, calm havens and busy thoroughfares, but what remains constant is a quiet confidence that whatever happens today or tomorrow, customers are ready, prepared and willing to deal with it in a way they never really were before. And because of this, they are really enthusiastic about sharing their stories with other businesses on the cusp of taking the leap into the digital world themselves. They have stood uncertainly in front of the sales people and trainers and felt just what you might be feeling now. They know the trust and courage involved in making the decision and the upheaval and change that implementation involves, and they want to let you know how transformational that can be.

More and more of the businesses joining us now are coming through referral from an existing customer and I think this reflects the growing awareness in understanding of just how essential the incorporation of digital software is in care planning today. As one customer mentioned, “I think everybody just expects it to be digital wherever they go now, don’t they? It’s probably more unusual if we still had the old system”.

With the turning of the tide, to ensure that you don’t get left behind like flotsam or jetsam, it is time to listen to the cries of “It’s lovely once you’re in!” They tell the real stories of the nerve it took to take that dive, the challenge of finding their stroke and the thrill of where it has taken them.

So, ask around! Find out for yourself what going digital will really mean to you, your staff, your customers and your bottom line, and if you don’t already know someone who has taken the plunge, then read our case studies to see for yourself.

By Hannah Johnson, Marketing Executive

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