What is care management software and how can it help your care delivery?

Every industry you can imagine is realising the benefits of digital solutions, and the care industry is no exception. This article will be exploring care management software solutions, and how they can ensure agencies offer an exceptional quality of personalised care. 

What is care management software?

Care management software is primarily used to handle communications, scheduling, record-keeping and administration. While individual software packages boast an array of benefits, you can expect them to focus on the following areas: 

  • Care planning – Care management software will create holistic, people-centric care plans based on standardised digital templates. They can be easily updated as needs change, all the while tracking progress to improve care delivery. This means caregivers and service staff can remain attentive to each person’s unique caregiving history.
  • Care delivery – Caregivers have a complete up-to-date care plan with them wherever they go. This means they are fully-briefed and prepared for every visit. They can also add notes to care plans so relevant people can access vital information such as medication guidelines or notes from medical professionals.
  • Roster and finance management – Care management software simplifies staff scheduling by creating bespoke rosters for visits. This includes managing holidays and absences, gathering data for invoicing and payroll, and simplifying reporting for performance tracking and compliance. By handling all of these tasks, the focus can remain purely on delivering outstanding care.
  • Human Resources and regulatory compliance – Care planning software eases the burden on care agencies in terms of regulatory compliance, reporting, and HR tasks. This is achieved through transparent record-keeping, digital audit trails and greater precision regarding data collection. The end result is a lower risk of error and a more efficient approach to reporting, be it for outcome reports, incident reports or performance reports for caregivers.

Who will it help in the day-to-day delivery of care?

Care management software eliminates common bottlenecks faced by care agencies in their efforts to deliver the best possible care. Ultimately, this makes the “work” in care work easier. Teams will have more time and resources to improve people’s lives, as well as allowing them to focus on other objectives such as business growth or improving CQC ratings. Below are some of the ways care management software benefits caregivers and the people they help:

  • Care Recipients – The most important benefit of care management software is that people receive a tailored and fully up-to-date care plan. Caregivers can fully understand each person’s needs without spending time on outdated administrative tasks. They can then spend their time doing what they set out to do – helping people live enriching lives with dignity and comfort.
  • Care Managers – It allows them to plan and manage carer schedules, making it easier to assign staff and plan visits, all the while allowing them to take important notes in real-time.
  • Carers – It creates a comprehensive, accessible resource that contains the latest information about people’s individual care plans. Carers are able to see real-time information as care is delivered (as well as GP records) while logging all actions and notes as they attend a visit.
  • Senior management – It creates greater transparency of care, including risk management with real-time alerts if elements of a care plan are not being carried out. In addition, it is simple to access in-depth reporting. This streamlines the regulatory assessment process, as well as the management of care delivery standards. Whether it’s in a single location or multiple areas, care management software will provide actionable insights into the quality of care provided.

The benefits of an all-in-one care management software solution 

Every care management software solution is a little different. However, you want one that targets all your key performance areas to get the greatest value. This is delivered best in an all-in-one care management software solution.

As every tool is integrated into the same platform, this allows for joined-up care delivery and reporting and reduces data silos. Care management software solutions are also scalable to meet each agency’s unique needs and requirements. For example, you may want to start with care planning software with reporting tools and then add roster features at a later date. With an all-in-one solution, every pain point is addressed by a fully-integrated solution so you know from the start that all tools will work seamlessly together as soon as you add them. 

How does care planning software help to improve care delivery? 

Using care management software means more accurate and personalised caregiving. With digital medication management, comprehensive and searchable care plans, historic care tracking, and easy communication, teams are empowered to deliver a higher quality of care with reduced risks and a lower administrative burden. 

How does roster management help to improve care delivery?

Digital care software lifts one of the most time-consuming and complex tasks off the shoulders of your staff. With roster management, the time and effort spent on this task is minimised, as is the process of communicating appointments, coordinating runs, and dealing with absences or holidays. It’s easier than ever to adapt schedules and assign visits based on caregivers’ availability, location and travel times. 

How does connected care help to improve care delivery?

Here the focus is on how care management software makes it easy and accessible to communicate between different parties. A great example of this is GP Connect, a real-time information tool that updates care management software with GP record data. This allows care to be adapted and improved based on medical practitioner input. Whether it’s medication changes or notes about health conditions, this information is vital for personalised and responsive care.

openPASS is another important feature for real-time bespoke care. It is a separate app that supports communication between care providers and the care recipients’ friends and family. This keeps them up to date with their loved one’s care plan and the care they are receiving.

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