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Achieving business-transforming efficiencies and peace-of-mind care delivery reporting for your care business

PASS is a digital care management platform that provides a single view of care records from enquiry, medication and task changes, to reviews, and automates the process of assessments – meaning less time printing and disseminating, less time duplicating notes and less time on administration. Using PASS’s care management platform to update the care plan ensures your care workers are notified of medication and task changes in real time. As all care records are e-recorded, there is NO NEED to print paper copies… it’s all on your care workers’ phones.

The unique system links residential, live-in, supported living and homecare services:

  • To community-based supervisors and staff
  • To other care stakeholders including families, social services and healthcare professionals.

Upon its release in 2014 /15, PASS changed how care can be delivered in the home.  For the first time ever, care workers (and, where appropriate, commissioners and family members) were able to see and update live and highly detailed information relating to the individual receiving support. The sheer scope of this information; from personal preferences, through detailed medication details, outcome objectives and care-plan instructions, was a first in itself. The fact that this all became available in real time, on a mobile device was truly transformational.

Over the following three years, the system has seen huge uptake across the UK and is now deployed by over 700 care businesses across every commissioning region in England and parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  This expansion continues, with new providers signing up every month because of the immediate business wins.

Real-time provision of care record data is helping care providers meet NICE guidance, CQC, Care Inspectorate and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) standards. Working in close collaboration with social care providers and the NHS, everyLIFE is part of a new wave of digital healthcare agents seeking to understand, shape and address tomorrow’s challenges, while also meeting today’s. PASS is unique and is the only digital care management system that is NICE compliant, referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports, and recommended by NHS England.

PASS clients recognise three measurable benefits

  • Significant Efficiency Gains - in terms of reduced supervisory overheads, travelling & administration. Clients regularly report an 8 X return on investment – so a £40,000 annual saving directly attributable to a £5,000 subscription to PASS
  • Reduced Corporate Risk - because all care and corporate obligations can be evidenced, fewer mistakes are possible, accidents and incidents are managed transparently and real-time, data-driven decisions allow issues to be managed before they become crises
  • Exceptional Care - because your carers spend more time caring and, when they do so, they have all the information they need at their fingertips and in real time.

Whether in classic domiciliary and residential care scenarios, or with specialist service providers, PASS sets the standard for digital care planning and management. This clear market lead is maintained by the largest product engineering team in the industry, engaged with our user groups and all regulatory and policy-making bodies to drive the product set forwards. It is absolutely essential that a life-critical system is delivered in a robust and dependable manner. To this end, PASS presents a premium service offering which includes a lifetime functional warranty and service credits offered, as standard, in the event that either support or availability SLAs are not met. The entire product set is GDPR-ready and the business proactively engaged with the Information Commissioner's Office well in advance of the legislation. System security is confirmed by accredited third party penetration  testing. Every member of staff has passed NHS data and security awareness training.

everyLIFE has completed the NHS Information Governance Toolkit V14.1 (a requirement for suppliers to NHS and related bodies), adheres to the principles of the National Cyber Security Centre and carries both ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditations.

Unusually in the sector, every member of staff is required to undertake and pass the NHS Data Security Awareness training course.

With the definitive product work-proven by thousands of users, the tightest governance and the greatest technical capability, everyLIFE represents a refreshingly different, and unusually low-risk technology partner.

Save time and money

PASS saves the average care business many thousands of pounds per year. Contact us to find out more now!

Improve your CQC or Care Inspectorate rating

Care businesses using PASS achieve higher standards of care delivery and quality.

Reduce risk

Real-time information and up-to-date medication changes make PASS safer than paper-based systems.

Stand out from the crowd!

Leading care companies are changing to PASS and attracting more business.

PASS for Homecare / Reablement

PASS digital care management platform provides a single view of care records from enquiry, medication and task changes, to reviews and automates the process of assessments for homecare and reablement businesses.

PASS for Residential Care

PASS digital care management platform provides a single view of care records from enquiry, medication and task changes, to reviews and automates the process of assessments for residential care businesses.

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The time to go digital is NOW!

Find out more about PASS, the real-time living care plan for everyone.

Reassuringly, repeatedly referenced by the CQC and Care Inspectorate, NHS cited and NICE compliant.

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Please watch this video to find out how owners Gary and Michelle Johnson have transformed their care business by using PASS.

Now, with the launch of the PASS 20:20 Edition in 2019, you don’t have to settle for reporting when you can have INSIGHT Dashboards that provide you with real-time monitoring of your business. Visit our PASS 20:20 Edition page to find out more. Saving money, creating happiness.

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