COVID-19 Support Features

COVID-19 Support Features in PASS

To help you track and report Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, PPE levels, and dependency levels across the people you care for and employees, we’ve added a new set of features to PASS. These features are updated regularly to keep pace with change.

COVID-19 status

A new property on both the Service User and Employee details pages called COVID-19 Status. This provides you with a drop-down list of values to record the current status of your Service Users and Employees.

Update personal PPE stock on app

All employees can record their own level of PPE on the app (iOS and Android). Update your individual PPE levels and see straight away the last time that you updated them. Monitoring PPE levels will assist in keeping you and the people you care for safe and protected. Real-time visibility of the stock in the field and at the office is becoming a key part of delivering care across all areas.

Update office PPE stock on app

If you have the Care Manager profile on PASS you will be able to see and update the office PPE stock level, and see the last time it was updated. Only Care Managers can record office levels of PPE from the app as they manage the stock to be distributed to staff. Like all employees, care managers can also see quickly when the stock figures were last  updated.

Update employee and office PPE stock on PASS web

Those with Care Manager and Super User profiles can update PPE stock on the web. To update stock, simply click to increase or decrease the amount. You can also manually type over the existing figure in the box.

RAG status for days remaining for office PPE

PPE¬†Stock history and current¬†PPE¬†Stock levels are continuously monitored by PASS to produce a¬†RAG¬†status for ‚Äėdays remaining‚Äô for each¬†PPE¬†type.

Generate Employee PPE Report

The report will default to show data from the previous seven days, but you can change the date range to suit your requirements. As with all PASS reports, you can export PPE stock levels for an Employee PPE Report via CSV or PDF.

COVID-19 status

This feature provides you with a list of values to record the current status of your Service Users and Employees. Find it on both the Service User and Employee details pages under COVID-19 Status.

COVID-19 screening

A new document template for both Service Users and Employees to record the findings screening and trigger a new Infection Control alert to PASS web.


Allowing you to record if your Service Users and/or Employees are self-isolating.

COVID-19 reports

Helping you to collate and share key information as you track COVID-19 status for Service Users and Employees.

Dependency level

Helping you to record the dependency level of each of your Service Users. Select from High, Medium, Low.


Post COVID-19 hospital-to-home service

It’s hard enough to keep up with the pace of daily changes in the care landscape right now, never mind starting to prepare yourself for what may be around the corner for social care as patients leave the highly pressured hospital environment for their homes, care homes and hospices. PASS proved effective during the first wave of hospital-to-home movement of many elderly people, and continues to help as we enter the second spike in COVID-19 cases. Unique reablement tools in PASS enable fast, safe and appropriate transition from acute settings to community-based support.



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