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New research: Save time and deliver safer care with GP Connect

Efficient access to accurate health information is critical for delivering high-quality and person-centred care. That’s why we’re recommending new and existing PASS customers to activate GP Connect, our software feature that enables real-time access to GP patient records. Not only does it improve quality of care and service user safety, care providers also report significant amounts of time and cost savings every day.

In this new research, we delve into the significant benefits of GP Connect, exploring real life case studies and provider-reported outcomes to highlight the positive impact it’s making in the social care sector since we launched the feature in 2020 – the first care management software provider to do so.

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What is GP Connect?

GP Connect – available through PASS care management software – allows care professionals to access GP patient care records instantly and securely.  It provides real-time clinical information (including known medical problems and issues, allergies, adverse reactions, and medications), acting as an information sharing gateway between care providers and the GP practice.

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How did we conduct this study?

Our team reached out to PASS customers using GP Connect throughout May and June 2023, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, such as email questionnaires and telephone interviews.

Here’s what we found…

According to our research, care providers who use GP Connect report saving an average of 7 hours per week or around 31 hours per month.

Based on the National Institute for Clinical & Care Excellence (NICE) recommended minimum home care visit*, that’s equivalent to 62 home visits every month!

The cost of spending hours on the phone and days waiting for emails are also significant for care providers. We estimate that GP Connect could save the average care provider some £576 per month**.

Conclusively, 100% of care providers surveyed said GP Connect has saved them time.

Time saved using GP Connect


This remarkable time reduction allows care providers to allocate resources more effectively, resulting in enhanced operational productivity and improved and tailored patient care outcomes.

Want to learn more? Here’s what individual providers had to say on GP Connect from PASS…

Eliminate medication management mistakes

The challenges associated with managing medication can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for care providers. One home care and live-in care provider were dedicating three hours every day to address GP medication issues before implementing GP Connect.

But with the introduction of GP Connect, this task has now been reduced to less than one hour per day.

“Before GP Connect, getting information was a mess! Sometimes we would go physically to the GP reception desk as we could not get through via telephone. When we did, we were not prioritised and had to queue before getting any information”, the provider said.

GP Connect streamlines medication management, allowing care providers to access up-to-date information seamlessly. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures the accuracy and safety of medication administration.

extra care home visits GP Connect

Case study: Mulholland Care

Muholland Care is a family run community care service providing domiciliary support to some 90 adults living in their own homes, including those living with dementia, a mental health illness or a learning disability.

Through the introduction of PASS GP Connect, Mulholland told us that they have benefited from enhanced, safer medication management, improved health & wellbeing for people receiving care, improved communication with GPs, a reduction in incorrect treatments and missed medications, and safer prescribing

“Having PASS GP Connect is definitely resulting in safer medication management. As an example, we were able to see that a prescription, which had already been delivered by the pharmacy, had in fact been changed by the GP so was not to be administered. Without GP Connect we would not have known about the medication change until it was too late,” said Sara Roose, Deputy / Operations Manager at Mulholland Care.

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Reduce administrative wait times

Time wasted on administrative tasks can hinder the smooth operation of care businesses. Another homecare provider highlighted the frustration of enduring lengthy phone calls (often on hold for up to 45 minutes) before even reaching the doctor’s reception desk.

Now they don’t even need to pick up the phone, as all the information they need is available when and where they need it.

Some providers also told us that they were waiting days to hear back from the GP practice, meaning vulnerable service users could not receive their prescribed medicine exactly when they needed it.

GP Connect from PASS enables care providers to communicate and access information digitally, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and administrative hold-ups. This frees up valuable hours, allowing care staff to focus on providing direct care to their service users.

Cost savings GP Connect

Case study: Fuschia Homecare

Before GP Connect, domiciliary care business Fuschia Homecare would spend one to two days getting information about a new client from the GP and routinely checking medication from a pharmacy.

With GP Connect, this process is now almost instantaneous. Real time access to vital information ensures that care providers can make informed decisions promptly, leading to better and more efficient care provision.

Key takeaways

  • GP Connect from PASS is revolutionising the social care sector by offering an efficient solution that saves time and enhances the quality of care provision. 
  • With an average time-saving of 7 hours per week and average weekly cost savings amounting to £576, care providers can redirect their resources toward improving patient care and achieving better outcomes.
  • Instant access to crucial information, streamlined medication management, and reduced administrative wait times are just a few of the many benefits that GP Connect brings to the table.
  • Embracing this innovative solution can empower care providers to optimise their operations, ultimately leading to improved care delivery and enhanced service user satisfaction.
GP Connect for care providers

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*According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), service providers (such as independent home care agencies, voluntary sector organisations, and local authorities) should ensure that older people using home care services have visits of at least 30 minutes.

**Assuming an hourly wage of £15 plus additional employer costs, such as NICs and holiday pay.



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