🏆 It’s official: PASS is #1 for compliance! We’re the first provider to meet all DSCR Standards

New Year, New PASS

A year of support. A year of hard work. A year of developments.

The PASS team continues to work with care teams to help improve your experience of PASS and to help you deliver exemplary standards of care.

We understand that 2021 was a challenging year… our goal is to support you and your teams through 2022.

Quality and audit
View, understand and share insights from PASS. The new PASSreporting dashboard provides a comprehensive view of PASS information you record allowing you to track, monitor and review outcomes and performance.

View GP records
As the first to provide GP Connect, we’re continuing our work with NHSX to broaden access beyond registered health professionals. We are happy to support your Registered Managers with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

Trust in PASS
We are proud to be recognized by NHSX as one of just a handful of assured suppliers on the Digital Social Care DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System), the quality-assured list of digital social care record solutions.

Advanced features
You have asked us to provide additional features for your teams. This year, you will have interactive body maps, photos, scheduling complex medications and an improved user interface for your carers. Please let us know what else you need.

Easily export data
Easily export your tailored reports to either XLS or PDF to send on to local authorities or the CQC. All graphs are also exportable as images so you can easily add them to presentations if you want to demonstrate progress more visually.

PRSB Quality Partner
As one of the first to be recognised by the PRSB (Professional Record Standards Body) as a ‘Quality Partner’ we can support the About Me standard as well as other industry-leading standards for care records.

New Year, New PASS
We’re proud to support over 100,000 people in social care each and every day, but we’re not done yet so stay tuned… PASS will continue to evolve through 2022, working with you to sustain high quality care.

The PASS team is here to support you and your team throughout 2022. 

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