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New feature: Tackle admin with Auto-verify Timesheets

We’re thrilled to announce an admin-busting update to PASS care management software: the Auto-verify Timesheets feature.

Designed to significantly streamline your daily operations, this innovative setting is all about efficiency and precision, ensuring care mangers can dedicate more time to what truly matters.

In this post, we’ll learn how Auto-verify Timesheets can transform care coordination, offering an automated, hassle-free approach to timesheet verification that meets your specific criteria.

new feature: auto verify timesheets

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How Auto-verify Timesheets simplifies your workflow

We know your time is often in short supply. That’s why we listened when you asked for a more streamlined way to handle timesheet verification.

With Auto-verify Timesheets, we’re delivering just that: a tailor-made solution to reduce manual efforts and enhance operational efficiency.

Here’s how it works…

NEW: Experience the Auto-verify Timesheets feature!

Why not see for yourself how this feature can make a difference in your daily routine? Our interactive demo walks you through setting up your criteria, automating the verification process, and managing any exceptions with ease.

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Set your criteria

Customise the verification process to fit your unique needs. Choose which care types to automatically verify, your tag in (start time) tolerance, and your tag out time (duration) tolerance.

For example, a tag in tolerance of 5 minutes will result in only visits where the carer tagged in within the 5 minute start time window being automatically verified.

auto-verify timesheets 2

Let automation do the work

Once your criteria are set, let Auto-Verify Timesheets take over. Our system will automatically verify timesheets that meet your requirements at 2am every night, eliminating the need for manual checks and saving you valuable time each day.

Focus on exceptions

With the bulk of timesheets verified automatically, care managers can concentrate on exceptions. This not only optimises your workflow but also ensures that any discrepancies are addressed promptly and accurately.

Get the benefits of streamlined timesheet management

By freeing up care managers from tedious administrative tasks, we empower you to focus on providing outstanding care and support to those who need it most.

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