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June 2024 update: quality of life changes and more

We’re thrilled to announce this week’s updates to PASS, featuring a host of quality of life improvements designed to make your day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient.

From enhanced scheduling options to improved holiday booking, these updates are all about helping you get the most out of PASS.

Read on to discover how these new features can benefit your care management processes.

June 2024 Update - What's new in PASS?

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Full-screen mode has arrived

Our new full-screen mode lets you maximise screen space when viewing schedules and runs. This means you can see more of your schedule at a glance, making it easier to plan and manage your time effectively.

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PASS Roster - Full screen mode

Schedule overnight runs with ease

We’ve added the ability to create daily runs that start in the evening and end the next morning. This is perfect for managing overnight care, ensuring that your scheduling is seamless and accurate, no matter the time of day.

Adjust holiday bookings

No more deleting and recreating holiday bookings! You can now adjust existing holiday bookings, making it easier to manage staff time off without the hassle of starting from scratch.

PASS Roster - Adjust a holiday booking

Email attachments for single documents

Single documents such as schedules, invoices, and gross pay advice are now sent as attachments in emails. This change means you can view these documents directly in your email client, saving you time and making document management more convenient.

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We hope you’re as thrilled about these updates as we are! At PASS, our goal is to continually enhance our platform to support you in delivering outstanding care.

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Article by:

Jessica Slattery, Digital Social Care Expert @ PASS

Jessica Slattery, Digital Social Care Expert @ PASS

Jess and her team have worked with more than 1,200 social care businesses, providing expert advice on Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) systems, resulting in thousands of hours saved, improved CQC ratings, and better quality of care for the people they care about.

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