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G-Cloud 11: Why & What Is It For?

everyLIFE’s vision has always been to see outstanding care being provided by a connected and empowered global care community. Part of this vision means building trust in care through innovative technology solutions.

In our ongoing efforts to make this a reality, everyLIFE are pleased to announce our successful application as a supplier on G-Cloud 11.

We are now one of over 4,000 companies to have been awarded places on G-Cloud 11 which is used by public sector organisations to purchase cloud-based services. The framework comprises three Lots – Lot 1 for cloud hosting, Lot 2 for cloud software and Lot 3 for cloud support.

everyLIFE was accepted for Lot 2 cloud software services. You can view our G-Cloud listing here. This means that we will be able to offer up our digital care planning solution to UK governmental organisations easier than before.

The framework, which is accessed through the Digital Marketplace, is designed to drive down costs and ensure procurement is transparent and simple when purchasing services.

Lorena Szerman, Chief Revenue Officer at everyLIFE, says, “With the increased surge in enquiries from Public Sector companies, being accepted as a supplier on G-Cloud 11 was imperative and means that potential customers will quickly be able to identify if everyLIFE’s digital care planning solution, The PASSsystem, will fit their needs.”.

everyLIFE has a successful track record with councils adopting the PASSsystem. Take Liverpool City Council, for example, who implemented the PASSsystem in phases based on the readiness of each care provider.

Ann Williams, Commissioning and Contracts Manager at Liverpool City Council, stated, “The ability for other care professionals, particularly social workers, to access the information remotely and be confident that the information is up to date, whatever the time of day, has been transformational. In addition, family members can access the same information, thus increasing transparency and potentially reducing the number of complaints and queries directed at the Council.”

The implementation was received very well and led to an award for Liverpool City Council at the National GO Public Procurement Awards which recognises those leading the way in using public money in smart and effective ways to help people who need it most. However, the acquisition process wasn’t without its own issues that could have been made simpler to solve with a place on G-Cloud 11.

Moving forward, we are confident that this new development will reflect our values and vision for the care sector and the widespread use of digital care planning within it while also facilitating the procedure of adoption and implementation for any future UK governmental organisations who may want to take steps towards digital care planning solutions.

By Nicola Swift, Information & Compliance Programme Manager

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