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Scottish Care Awards: And the winner is

everyLIFE called Rebecca McLennan to share the excitement of PASS users, Eidyn Care, who now deserve huge congratulations! They found themselves coming home from the Scottish Care Awards with two coveted prizes – Palliative and End-of-Life Care Practise and Care Provider of the Year.

At a gala dinner hosted at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow, following the Annual Scottish Care Conference, Rebecca, her husband and IT specialist, Andy, decided to make an event of it. There were two further tickets and three people that had been part of the company right from the start. But, as their Business Manager was on her honeymoon, there were no arguments over the last two places.

This is a really big achievement for what is still a fairly new company to the scene. To have risen to such heights so quickly is really impressive and the whole team are still walking on air.

Over to Rebecca:

“It was all very swish, a lot of the top people at Scottish Care were there, people that we hear speaking and see at conferences. It was exciting to see them there for us. Michelle McManus came out, explained that for each award she’d call out all the finalists, who’d all come on stage, get our photograph taken and then she’d announce the winner and the rest would leave. It was a massive big hall and we were right at the back. We couldn’t help wondering if that was an omen. There were 11 awards and we were nominated in awards 9 and 10, so we had a long wait.

“Anyway, it got to award 9 and that was the one that I was nominated for by myself, Palliative and End-of-Life Care Practise, so off I went.

“They didn’t hang around, it was quite a quick thing and all of a sudden I heard ‘Rebecca McLennan’, and I just stood there going, ‘She didn’t say my name! Did she really did just say my name?’. I’ve never won a thing in my life. This is the first time I’ve ever won anything, and I was like, ‘She just said my name, oh my God!’

“I was just overwhelmed. I really was, it was just ‘wow!’. It’s been two years of hard work. There is a lot of preparation. I’d written quite a detailed piece about a client I’d looked after who wanted to die at home. It was a very personal thing for me, as well as for her. It was so nice to be able to do that for her, and to win the award was just. well. it’s in her name.

“Back at the ceremony, I was still shaking when I returned to the table, but I had to turn right round and go back up on stage, this time with the team, as we were called up for the Care Provider of the Year Award. This award is judged on feedback from homecare.co.uk where we’re number one in Scotland and feedback from our staff saying they’re happy; and our two inspections by the Care Inspector where we have been rated Excellent and Very Good in all categories.

“We were just amazed to get both, even to be finalists for both was pretty special. To then win both was just astounding. We were just like, ‘Really? Did this just happen?’. We’re all over the moon!

“On the night, our WhatsApp group was going crazy, ‘Tell us, tell us. What’s happening?’. We felt really close as a team.

“Then the dancing started! It was a great night and it was very late before we went upstairs with our trophies. It was just an amazing night and a really good culmination of all the hard work everybody’s put in for the last two years.

“Back at the office, we placed our awards on a desk right in front of the entrance. We’re going to have to get a cabinet now, I think. We want everyone to be able to see them every day, because they belong to the whole team.

“Every day, we go the extra mile with being very person-centred with our care. If somebody wants a 10pm visit, they get a 10pm visit. If they want a specific carer, we move heaven and earth to get them that specific carer. I think that just speaks for itself. It’s not the easiest way to run a business but, to me, it’s all about the client and the staff, rather than fitting in as many clients as you can into a day.

“I feel that PASS has a lot to do with our success! You do make our lives very easy and very tightly controlled. That’s what I love about PASS, the margin for error is minimal and that’s so important in this. You can’t over-egg that pudding at all because you need to be tight when it comes to people’s care and medication. It’s really all about being super responsive, completely and utterly person-centred and then being 100% accurate. That’s why we came on leaps and bounds. PASS makes our care so much more bespoke.

“Winning has really brought the team together. We’re just over the moon, because it’s not just the management team at all, it’s one big team.

“Later, Andy could see the hits on our website from that evening. All the other companies nominated were fairly well known, they’d heard of them. But, Eidyn Care, was new, and we were up twice! So, there was a whole flurry of activity going, ‘Who’s this, who’s this?’.

“It feels like Eidyn Care has really begun to make a name for itself with us having won both these awards! I’m so proud of the whole team.”.

And we, at everyLIFE, are very proud of you!

By Hannah Johnson, Marketing Executive

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