And The Answer Is… Technology!

At a time when there seem to be more questions than answers, here’s one we all should get right:

As Britain begins to emerge cautiously from the effects of healthcare upheaval, does anyone still doubt the importance of digital technology in tackling big problems effectively? 

Surely now the question should not be about whether technology, and digital care management software, in particular, has any business being in social care; the question should be, How many more of the problems that social care faces can technology be used to solve? 

Tech is here to help, and I’m proud to say that many thousands of people who receive care supported by time-saving, efficient, person-centred, real-time care management systems like PASS, see the benefit of technology every day – before, during and after the current crisis.

When we first started building PASS nearly seven years ago, we launched to solve a very real problem around medication administration safety. It was no surprise that there was some initial resistance to PASS replacing paper-based systems in care businesses, but we listened to, and learned from, every objection. Many, even most, of our early critics quickly turned into supporters and users when they saw how PASS could unleash the power of modern practices on carers, service users and their families who were crying out for change in terms of transparency, cost savings and quality of care in particular. 

“Not only improve the service user’s experience but the carer’s too”

The surprise now is that there are still, halfway through 2020 and some way into this pandemic, those who are not quite clicking with what digitally shared information is doing. Adopting technology solutions to support care delivery ensures that care improves every day across businesses, and that more vulnerable people will survive any kind of illness, from COVID-19 to the common cold.

Of course, technology is only as good as the people who use it and we are acutely aware that the best care is delivered by the best carers and that their drive to help others hugely pre-dates digital. So surely, then, we should reward those carers with the best, most up-to-date technology possible to do an even better job that will not only improve the service user’s experience but the carer’s too.

So I’ll leave you with a question that I can answer. What good reason is there for the most influential bodies in social care not to take advantage of willing tech partners like everyLIFE, and provide what it takes to make sure your loved one goes on being your loved one, leading a rewarding, happy life, for a good while longer? 

Answer: None. 

So let us help. Please.

Rob Swift, everyLIFE

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