New in PASS: Multi-select visits

In case you missed it, we’ve launched multi-select visits, a significant user experience enhancement to our home care rostering software designed to help you schedule visits with speed and ease.

Here’s what you need to know.

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What is multi-select visits?

New in PASS: Multi-select visits

The multi-select visits feature streamlines the scheduling process by enabling users to quickly select and modify multiple visits at once. This tool reduces the time spent on reassigning or adjusting schedules, making it easier and more efficient for care professionals to manage their teams and clients.

How it works

From the Schedule tab, users can select one or more visits from the unassigned row by holding down the CTRL key on Windows or the Command key on Mac and clicking on the desired selection of visits.

Users can then click and drag to move the selected visits as a group, enabling quicker time adjustments, assignments, and reassignments through a simple drag-and-drop action.

Alternatively, users can simply click and drag within the designated area to draw a lasso that will select multiple visits as you move the selection over them.

All selected visits will be highlighted with a blue outline. This method is faster if you want to select multiple visits over a longer time period.

When multiple visits are highlighted, users can click and drag any of the selected visits to move them as one group.

In the example below, we have quickly and easily reassigned an employee’s entire morning schedule using the lasso method.


For more information on multi-select visits, visit our customer help page (please note, you will need to be logged into PASS to access).

Helpful use cases in domiciliary care

This feature can make a real difference in everyday care management in these common scenarios:

Sudden staff changes:

If a carer can’t work, use multi-select to quickly move their visits to someone else, keeping everything running smoothly.

Back-to-back schedules:

On days with back-to-back visits, easily shift multiple appointments to fit in urgent or extra care sessions, ensuring all clients receive timely care.

Adverse weather or traffic conditions:

If the weather, traffic, or any other external factor is preventing you from attending visits on time, you can quickly change the times for several visits, so everyone stays safe and gets the care they need.

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