Your Pizza is 8 minutes away

Your Pizza is 8 minutes away

What kind of crazy world do we live in where you can open an app and track, in real time, the approach of your fruit topped pizza, but you have to wait for up to a month before you know if your vulnerable service users have missed vital medicines?

These days it’s totally normal to know that just eight minutes from now your pizza will be delivered to your doorstep – and it’s just as normal to get real-time information about your care business with PASSsystem – the most rounded, secure and fully-supported digital care management system ever built.

Digital isn’t new anymore – it’s the norm for care businesses that want to be safer, more efficient, and profitable.

“We feel a lot more confident. We’re prepared and everything is compliant with the CQC. Whatever we need, we’ll be able to access. We can prove that the information we are storing is secure and safe.”

Ruth Addo – Project Officer, Caremark Redbridge and Waltham Forest

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