This roadmap highlights our work and future plans for The PASSsystem. Please keep in mind that priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At everyLIFE we are committed to a market-driven approach to solving the most challenging problems facing social care businesses and front line care staff today.  We will continue to deliver iterative and rapid improvements, shaped by our vision of The PASSsystem and feedback from our users and customers.

Please contact us anytime with your ideas and feedback.

Projects currently in progress

  • openPASS web login and customer view
  • System performance improvements

Upcoming key projects

  • Rolling 24 hour residential episodes of care
  • iOS tagging for homecare visits
  • Office Manager / Supervisor workflows
  • Care Worker workflow improvements
  • Care Worker communications
  • Improved reporting and reporting by region
  • In-product help
  • Document management & permissions
  • Office Dashboard improvements
  • Medication task improvements
  • Live-in and complex care solutions
  • Improved integration with Staffplan
  • Improved integration with Webroster

Completed projects & improvements

H1 2016

  • openPASS pilot launch
  • Stage 1 integration with Charitylog
  • Stage 1 integration with Webroster
  • Stage 1 integration with Carefree

Q3 2016

  • PASSsystem Residential solution launch
  • Server clustering for resilience and high availability
  • Ability to change Care Worker permission to add & edit documents
  • Stage 1 integration with Ulysses rostering system
  • Enhanced Time and Attendance reporting

Q4 2016

  • Enhanced alerting
  • MAR sheet – new electronic view of the MAR sheet showing all medication details for a customer
  • Care plan management – improved save and sync behaviour from mobile device
  • Improved syncing with Charitylog
  • iOS 10 compatibility
  • Android 7 compatibility
  • Care plan reviews
  • Standard CSV import

Q1 2017

  • Tabular historical view of observations
  • Residential enquiry form
  • In-product help
  • Improved openPASS consent form workflow on PASSsystem app
  • openPASS app improvements
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