At everyLIFE Technologies we’re continuing to drive improvements to The PASSsystem making the delivery of medication and app communications even easier.  

There are a number of new product improvements we have implemented in order to create the best user experience possible.


PASSsystem Update February 20th 2017

Through the cold days of January and February we’ve been hard at work to bring you more improvements to The PASSsystem. Here’s some information on what we’ve been up to:

Now, The PASSsystem makes it easier to spot patterns or problems that need attention in a Service User’s care plan. This can help to improve the quality of care and reduce the risk of undiagnosed health problems. Care Managers can now see a tabular view of historical observation records, simply by clicking the ‘Observation History’ link displayed beneath the details of any given observation task in the Care Records screen.

Coming Soon: Care Workers and Care Managers will also be able to view historical observation task information on their tablet at point of care when viewing tasks in an Episode of Care. Work is well underway on this improvement and will be available in a new update to the mobile app very soon.


PASSsystem Update January 27th

Over the Christmas period the everyLIFE team have been busy putting the finishing touches to our work on alerts. You can now control which alerts are raised on a task by task basis using the task settings in a care plan.

The update deployed on 24/01/2017.

Since the beginning of December Android phone users with the old versions of The PASSsystem app (v1.9.7 or below) installed, have been receiving in-product messages informing them they need to upgrade.  As of 3pm on 16th January, any Care Workers who have not upgraded to the latest version will be unable to access the app until they upgrade.

If your Care Workers see the in-product message, please ask them to update the app immediately.  To do this, they just need to follow the steps in the in-app message they see when they next log in.

 In future there will be a scheduled maintenance window every Tuesday night. The system may be unavailable between 11pm and 1am.


PASSsystem Update January 3rd 2017

We’ve been busy doing some important work to improve the way that alerts function and are displayed within The PASSsystem. You may also want to review the new Care Plan layout, we think you’ll like the improvements.

Please view the list of changes and improvements in tonight’s release of The PASSsystem below:


  • Alerts: Alerts are now created and displayed in a consistent way on the dashboard and alerts page.  These enhancements will underpin further improvements to alerting coming soon.
  • Improved Printed Care Plan Layout: Improved care plan layout to give clarity of visit and task information.
  • App Timeout Behavior: The PASSsystem app will not timeout until the visit is complete, meaning less time spent logging in during a care visit.
  • Improved Care Plan Management on App: Care managers will now have a consistent experience when managing care plans on app and on web.
  • Outcome observation task links: : Links directly to each of the relevant tasks within an Episode of Care and display status.


  • Outcome dashboard displaying resolved status.
  • Assessment document missing from office but showing on customer’s assessment list.
  • Error message when adding new documents to customers.

We need you to prepare for a key change in the New Year and upgrade your phones and tablets to the latest version of the app. Since the beginning of December, your teams have been receiving messages in The PASSsystem app telling them to upgrade. On 16th January 2017 all app users will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version, they will be unable to access the app without upgrading.

We’re releasing a new version of The PASSsystem on the web. The update will be with you on 04/01/2017, so on the night of 03/01/2017, you will be unable to access The PASSsystem from 11pm until the update completes.


PASSsystem Update November 30th 2016

We’re seeing more stories about information security hitting the public headlines recently. We’d like take this opportunity of sharing what we do to keep your data safe and share some recommendations on how you can do the same.We operate with integrity at all times, our employees and partners are bound by agreement to ensure that we keep your data, and that of your customer’s safe. We also use a number of methods to protect data too. All mobile data is encrypted, and live data is protected by HTTPS.


Recommendations for you:


PASSWORDS: We recommend that you review your password policy to reduce risk to your business. Each user should be responsible for their own password and these details should never be sent via email. Default passwords should be immediately changed and usernames and passwords should never be shared. Please click here to view our password policy.

UPDATES: Upgrade your phones and tablets to the latest version of the app. We’re constantly sewing in security updates and fixes into our releases so keeping your device up to date means you receive our latest tech protection. From next week your teams will start receiving messages in-app to ensure they upgrade to the latest version.

We’re releasing a new version of PASSsystem on the web, it will be with you on 01/12/2016, so on the night of 30/11/2016, you will be unable to access The PASSsystem from 11pm until the update completes..


PASSsystem Update November 3rd 2016

  • MAR Chart: Your feedback since the first release has helped to shape some of the changes we’ve made. We’ve added historical context to all care plan changes that affect medication tasks delivered. This enables you to have a complete view of medication history for each person


  • Allergy Information: Care managers can now enter allergy information on the Customer Details tab. This information also displays on the MAR Chart and is viewable by Care Workers in the field


  • Communications for Android Users: Live communication messages can now be downloaded in real-time by swiping down the app screen to refresh, so you can share instant updates with your teams. The Android release is scheduled for the week commencing 07/11/2016

This release, v1.16, will be with you on 08/11/2016, so on the night of 07/11/2016, you will be unable to access The PASSsystem until the update completes.

Be prepared for a new cycle to our app releases. As of 15th November you can expect updates to both Android and iOS apps every 2 weeks, on or around a Tuesday. Making sure your teams have the most up-to-date technology means they receive new features and important fixes as soon as they’re ready.

PASSsystem Update October 19th 2016

  • MAR Chart: Electronic version of the customer’s MAR chart, showing up to date details for each medicine, and every scheduled and completed medication task


  • Support for iOS 10 and Android 7: Certification for PASSsystem on the latest version of Apple and Android operating systems


  • StaffPlan reconciliation report: Report of all booking actuals that enables reconciliation to the bookings in StaffPlan which will, in turn, drive invoicing and payroll processing


Out of Hours: Our standard support hours are from 09.00 – 17.00 (excluding Bank Holidays). Emergency Out of Hours Support can be reached outside the normal working hours by calling 0800 276 1501. We are actively recruiting new candidates to join our Customer Support team, which will enable a more proactive approach to service delivery.

Customer Reference Number: From now, when you speak with Customer Support you’ll be provided with a reference number for support cases that require a little bit more research by everyLIFE. You’ll be able to track the progress of your case, no matter who you speak with.