everyLIFE Technologies & Charitylog: An Introduction

The partnership between everyLIFE Technologies and Charitylog gives care providers the ability to radically enhance the quality and the efficiency of their care provision.

The two organisations have recently developed a seamless interface between their respective care management platforms (PASSsystem and Call-round). This means that care providers can combine the respective capabilities of each system to reap the benefits of a comprehensive packaged care management solution that encompasses every facet of the care delivery process. This packaged solution is highly effective as the two systems complement each other, allowing customers to add the features of the PASSsystem to the breadth and scope of the Charitylog integrated care management suite.

The benefits:

  • Enhances care delivery, ensuring care is actually delivered as planned.
  • Improves care transparency: Outcomes and client wellbeing reports can be seen in real time.
  • Optimises deployment of front line community staff.
  • Automates back office processes, enabling staff to focus on delivering care.
  • Empowers Carers and Support Workers.
  • With the two-way interface users only have one data entry point. Information entered into either system is
  • automatically synchronised in the other.

See below for an explanatory video:

The PASSsystem and Call-Round

The PASSsystem is the market-leading care planning and monitoring solution for the care industry. We help our customers make substantial cost savings and improve care. It’s tried and tested with over 13,000 active users, and over 90% of PASSsystem offices achieve Outstanding or Good ratings from the CQC. It provides a single view of care records from enquiry, assessment, medication, task changes and reviews.

Call-round is an easy-to-use care management app for community workers. The service uses any Android or iOS smartphone to provide a highly effective care monitoring and rostering solution for front line staff working in a community setting. Call-round is part of the Charitylog integrated care management suite, so all the information recorded on Call-round can be viewed online in real time against client records on the Charitylog CRM.

The partnership is between…

everyLIFE Technologies was founded in 2015, based on the experience of running a care business, to address the need to balance quality of care with efficiency.

everyLIFE is helping leading care services to transform social care through its PASSsystem platform. Eliminating time-consuming paperwork, and the risk of medicines mismanagement through the real-time delivery and analysis of care notes, The PASSsystem is the only care management system that is NICE compliant, repeatedly referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports and recommended by NHS England.

Charitylog example display on a mobile phone

Dizions was founded in 2007 and is the company behind Charitylog, the market-leading case management service. The company has an impressive track record of successfully helping UK Charities to mange their community services more effectively by providing robust, easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of the third sector.

The Charitylog team are passionate about improving third sector community provision within the UK, and we believe our solutions can play a significant part in helping to realise efficiencies and improve outcomes. The Call-round application is one of several Charitylog products that complement the core Charitylog CRM. The service is used by care workers and community volunteers to view live work schedules, record time attendance, and log details of completed care visits. The product combines seamlessly with The PASSsystem to produce a comprehensive care management solution.

How do the two systems work together?

A care visit is planned and scheduled in Charitylog, using the Charitylog Rostering service to allocate the best matched available care worker for the client on the scheduled day. Drag & drop calendars are provided to enable swift re-scheduling of appointments. This task is usually done by supervisors or other office staff. Care workers can then check their roster on their smartphone at any place and at any time and confirm their acceptance by using Call-round.

Once they have accessed their schedule, the care worker can see where they are in relation to the next client on a map within Call-round. Google Maps are used to provide them with directions to the next client’s location.

When they arrive at the client’s home, the care worker can verify their timed attendance using the care monitoring feature within Call-round.

After verifying their arrival, the care worker is seamlessly taken to the PASSsystem app. Here they can access care notes and the Care Plan, assigned tasks, medication administration, outcomes and other details about the service user and the appointment.

Using Call-round, the care worker verifies the time of the end of the care visit. The time and attendance data is automatically sent to the Charitylog CRM in real time and can be viewed online at any time by authorised staff. Attendance times are recorded to the nearest second, enabling providers to produce invoices based on verified actual times. Charitylog also creates a payment file of verified hours for export to payroll.

Downloadable Assets

Share the PASSsystem and Charitylog partnership overview video with this link:

The PASSsystem has proved completely intuitive to use, even for the least technical care assistant – a revelation.
Care ManagerHomecare ServicesRushmoor and Surrey Heath
My Supervisors no longer spend 65% of their time in the office typing up notes taken at assessment meetings – they do it once with the customer, and get it right from the outset. My Supervisors now spend 90% of their time out in the community – better care, improved support for care workers, and more assessments.
Care SupervisorChichester
We saw the service had made improved use of information through the implementation of The PASSsystem for assessing the quality of the service provided, including the consistency of care provided to individuals. The PASSsystem has the potential to provide the service with a greater range of information which can be utilised for Quality Assurance. This will include outcomes and tasks completed and missed. Operational statistics will include reviews and staff supervision as well as analysis of nutritional and hydration information entered by staff.
InspectorCare Inspectorate
The system reduces the time and cost of setting up care plans for patients going home from hospital by 50%. This has delivered a £20K saving to my bottom line.
Jane PerryOwnerBluebird CareEdinburgh
By listening carefully to the care industry, everyLIFE have developed a solution that greatly helps join up the provision of customer-centred care. They are on a mission to bring the much needed technical answers to the business challenges we are all facing. I very much look forward to seeing the new functionality they have in the next release and beyond.
Simon CarterMelody CareFarnham
I implemented The PASSsystem in three weeks and my customers are already seeing the benefits in quality of care.
Carolyn DaileyOwnerBluebird CareNewmarket and Fenland
It’s easy to use and with the training provided, all staff like the system. Any office implementing it will save a substantial amount of supervisor time.
Kristina BurbridgeBluebird CareWorthing
The whole process from initial enquiry to going live was quick, efficient and easy and the support we received from the team at everyLIFE was second to none. I would recommend PASSsystem to any care company.
Mitchell JohnsonRapid Response Medical GroupCannock
A really important advance for care, The PASSsystem provides care notes and completion notes instantly so we can react immediately to missed medications and other urgent care alerts.
Tracie ScholesChoice CareBlackburn
Easy to use, extensively tested and developed by people that understand care, The PASSsystem is unique and robust at solving the critical challenges faced by the industry.
Kirsty JamesAttentive Care ExpertsBradford

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Now, with the launch of the PASSsystem 20:20 Edition in 2019, you don’t have to settle for reporting when you can have INSIGHT Dashboards that provide you with real-time monitoring of your business. Visit our PASSsystem 20:20 Edition page to find out more. Saving money, creating happiness.

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