Beat the queue: here’s how smartphone apps are replacing your trips to the GP

Doctors on demand and instant medication delivered to your door — the future of healthcare is smart, says Katie Strick

Charlie Harington’s son suffered from three separate minor conditions when he was an infant. With his GP only seeing to one illness per nine-minute appointment, it took three weeks to have all his son’s needs seen to.

Harington, a finance director at Merrill Lynch the time, decided to do something about it. “There had to be a better alternative — for care at the patient’s convenience at a cost that is accessible to most people,” he explains….


Elderly care isn’t forgotten in the technology world either. A new app, openPASS, launched in June, offering families the chance to stay better connected with their loved ones receiving homecare or in a care home. Verified family members can access information recorded by their relative’s carer, including when the carer has visited, any medical care they’ve received and how they are feeling that day. 

What’s more, it’s the only care management system that is NICE compliant. The future of healthcare, it seems, is in your pocket.





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