everyLIFE Care Customers Use The PASSsystem to Prevent Medicines Mismanagement

Over 650 care businesses across the UK know that digital systems can prevent unnecessary deaths.


237 million drug errors a year

28% of errors could cause serious harm

22,000 deaths a year from drug errors                                                              (Source: BBC News)

Is it that shocking? everyLIFE Technologies says ‘Yes!’

Farnham, UK, 23 February 2018: Interviewed this morning on BBC News, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been discussing these shocking statistics. But are we surprised? The numbers are very high, too high, but we already knew they were high. They have been high for years. That’s why everyLIFE’s digital care management and monitoring platform, The PASSsystem, was launched three years ago.

To echo Mr. Hunt’s sentiment; this is not intended to point the finger at healthcare professionals, whose hard work plays an incredibly vital role in our society, but instead at the systems in place that allow for this level of drugs mismanagement to go unmonitored and undetected, sometimes for up to a month.

At everyLIFE we understand these issues, working closely with over 650 healthcare providers across the UK to reduce the risk of drug errors and improve their ability to report incidents in real time when they do arise by using The PASSsystem, the industry standard digital care management and monitoring platform. We know that mistakes will happen, but if we want to reduce these shocking figures, we need to improve the monitoring of drugs administration and react quickly when mistakes are made.

Back in 2016, we started a conversation with Mr. Hunt about The PASSsystem and the many benefits it can bring, including our robust medicines management function proved to drastically reduce drug errors. Maybe it’s time we continued that conversation…