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GP Connect is transforming health and social care delivery, reveals CASPA

Access to GP Connect is transforming the way health and social care providers operate, according to a new whitepaper released by the Care Software Providers Association (CASPA).

The research comes two years after GP Connect was first introduced to the health and social care sector.

GP Connect, provided by PASS care management software, enables registered nurses and authorised non-clinicians – including registered managers, care managers, senior carers and care supervisors – to view GP practice medical information online.

Previously, access to GP Connect had been restricted to NHS organisations, such as NHS 111, ambulance services and hospitals.

The impact of joining up health and social care services has been significant, said CASPA.

“Access to GP Connect via DSCRs is now helping care providers work more efficiently, and the logical outcome of this is likely to be a better use of time and resources, improved decision-making and increased job satisfaction and retention among the care workforce. Due to the success of this initiative, other data-sharing projects between health and social care are now being considered,” the report states.

The Association added that “the human impact of the initiative” is “transformational”.

“Social care professionals are already able to act more swiftly because they know a patient’s pacemaker has been reset, a new arrival has a serious allergy, or someone needs antibiotics right now and can’t wait until after the weekend.”

“In a country which is tackling ingrained health inequalities, and managing an ageing population, joining up health and social care through data is not only about efficient ways of working; it is an urgent moral imperative,” the whitepaper concluded.

GP Connect from PASS is available to all care providers in England that have completed their Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) assessment and achieved Standards Met.

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