CASPA expands GP data sharing within Digital Social Care Records

CASPA expands GP data sharing within Digital Social Care Records, saving time and improving outcomes by providing patient’s GP Connect information for Care Managers, Deputies and other social care professionals to view. Members of the Care Software Providers Association (CASPA) continue to lead the effort to join up Health and Social Care and this expanded […]

CASPA launch a North Star for digital transformation in social care

With the very rapid adoption of digital tools across social care, it’s important that such transformation leads to better outcomes for people receiving care, and improved information flows supporting those who support them with social care and health services. Given the complexity of the sector, digital transformation can deliver very significant gains in terms of […]

Don’t Fear Online Training

Fifteen years ago, I entered the world of software training. Freshly armed with a laptop, copious handouts, and a projector the size of a microwave; I crammed my kit into a suitcase and proceeded to travel the length and breadth of the country. I kept Flybe in business and racked up enough BP points to […]

Tech Is No Replacement For Personal Care But Boy Do Carer Providers Need It!

Faced with a negative public perception fuelled by endless horror stories and poorly paid staff the care sector has a recruitment crisis. In its latest state of the adult social care workforce report, published in October, workforce development charity Skills for Care, revealed the huge challenges facing the sector. Vacancy rates stand at 7.8% (or 122,000 […]

Lack Of Knowledge Remains The Biggest Barrier To Care Technology Adoption

Last month saw the publication by the Care Quality Commission of its major annual report, the State of Care. This comprehensive and detailed research takes the pulse of the nation’s health and social care sectors, outlining, amongst other things, how services have improved or deteriorated in terms of care quality. While issuing the usual dire warnings […]

The Brave New World Of Assistive Tech In Care

Extensive research and investment is being carried out into the use of assistive technologies in social care. Innovations range from socially assistive technology such as Amazon Alexa and Softbank Robotics’ Pepper robot, which is already being trialled at care facilities in the UK, to a growing array of physically assistive robotic systems.

Technology Can Help Ease The Social Care Crisis

Last month Panorama’s Care in Crisis documentaries threw a stark light on the funding crisis facing the care sector. Now that the dust is settling and attention is already being diverted, it is important to ensure that the issues raised, and still very much present, are none the less addressed.

Digital Transformation In Care Brought To Life

Digital transformation in care is a hot topic right now, from cloud computing, to robots helping the elderly in care homes. Whether you see this as a positive or a negative, one thing is clear: the UK’s largest integrated health and care event, the Residential and Home Care Show at the ExCel, London on June […]

Data Innovation That Keeps Giving

From risk prevention and care management to better care home design, supply chain management and recruitment and retention, the benefits of predictive analysis resulting in data innovation is manifold for the care sector.