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Eidyn Care

Eidyn Care

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Eidyn Care offers palliative and end of life care in the Edinburgh area.

We talked with Owner/Manager Rebecca McLennan about choosing and implementing PASS at Eidyn Care and how that helped them win Care Provider of the Year.

Eidyn Care

Choosing PASS

What made you choose PASS over other digital care management platforms?

Rebecca McLennan: For me, I needed to have a really tight control on exactly what we are all doing. I need all my carers to know exactly where they were meant to be. I need to know they’re there and that they’re safe and well, and that we’re carrying out all the tasks required. We did start off with another system, but it just wasn’t enough. It couldn’t do the care planning and I had to manually do reviews of the care plan, create it, put it back in the person’s home. Finding PASS was so refreshing!

The initial sales process

Who was part of the sales process?

My assistant manager first found PASS and from the second I saw it, I said, “That’s exactly what we need. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying we need.”

Once we saw a demo that was it, we wanted it! Initially Andy, my husband, was unsure about the cost, but soon saw what a benefit it would be to the growing business: that it was going to save time, save money and be better for the clients and the carers, and we decided to go ahead.

Eidyn Care

Rebecca McLennan, Registered Manager and Andrew McLennan, Operations Manager, Eidyn Care

Training and Implementation

How have you found the process of training and implementation?

It was top-notch, it was the best bar none. Comparing other companies afterwards was like going low. Actually, we had two projects at the same time, PASS was sorted and done and finished as expected, and the other was still faffing about and not getting done.

Yes, the implementation was brilliant, basically because it was done exactly how you said it was going to be done. You gave us an agenda, you told us what was going to be done and it was. Simple!

How long did it take you to really get used to the system and start using it fully?

Luckily, we got on board really quickly. I think we probably only had about 8 to 10 clients at that time, so we didn’t have that much data input. For us it was a small task, it wasn’t massive. Then basically, as soon as the data was in, the carers could see exactly what they wanted. We knew it was controlled, we knew it was exactly what we needed, so we started using it almost immediately really.


How do you find the customer service and support from everyLIFE?

We’ve hardly had to use it to be fair. Don’t need it very much. Occasionally, we’ll ask a question like, “How do I create that document?” Or, “Could I add that in?” PASS has never failed. It’s never once failed. It’s never fallen over, we’ve never not had the information at our finger tips.

Advantages of PASS

Compliance and Managing Risk

How has PASS helped to improve these?

What I love about PASS is that the margin for error is minimal and that’s so important in this game. You can’t over-egg that pudding at all because you need to be tight when it comes to people’s care and medication. It’s really all about being super-responsive, completely and utterly person-centred and then being 100% accurate. PASS makes all this a reality.

Just when we were starting out, there was a client who wanted us to take care of them and I was like, “We cannot. We’re not safe. I can’t safely look after you.” Now, with PASS, I have complete confidence and that wouldn’t happen again.

Eidyn Care

Eidyn Care wins the Scottish Care Provider of the Year award at the National Care At Home and Using Support Awards

Business Efficiency

What are the main efficiencies that you’ve gained through using PASS? How do you sum up the benefits?

We started seeing the benefits immediately, it was just straight away. As soon as we had entered all the care plans and documentation etc, the carers could see exactly what they needed. Previously, they couldn’t see what had happened with their clients up to that day, so If they hadn’t been in for a couple of days, they’d be phoning me up to find out and I was having to spend time checking back and passing that information on to update them all the time.

In the very early days before PASS, the work even just with five clients was ridiculous. I was looking ahead, thinking, “What I’m I going to be like when I’ve got 20 clients or 50 clients?” When we saw PASS that was it, we knew it would help us into the future. PASS has allowed us to scale and grow our business efficiently whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Better Care

How has PASS helped to improve your care?

PASS allows our carers that absolute knowledge. It’s dynamic, it’s moving information, they know exactly what they’re going into with real-time information. If there was a visit an hour before, they’ll know what’s happening. We can be super-responsive in a way that makes our care completely person-centred. It is to do with control and communication.

Do you feel that PASS has helped you to avert any situations from becoming crises, like hospital admissions for example?

Well, the client I won the ‘Palliative and End-of-Life Care Practise’ award for is a good example. On the day that she became very unwell, I was there, and the paramedics were trying to take her to hospital. I could see, because of my nursing background, that she only had an hour, two hours left. I knew she wasn’t going to survive an ambulance trip and a wait in an A&E and I just said to them, “You’re not taking her”. I said, “I have her full permission. I’m her advocate, she’s not going anywhere. I will look after her here.”

She had a beautiful sunny flat, she wanted to be there when she died. Obviously, I’d had that conversation and I had all the supporting evidence in PASS. I’d been in touch with the family, the family were agreed, everything was clearly documented.

That’s why I got nominated, because of what I was able to do for this client. It is a very personal thing, a massive thing at the time and it was nice to be able to do that for her. To win the award was just, well it’s in her name.

How have your clients taken to having the digital technology going on around them? Is that something they’ve warmed to?

They love it. They’re just like, “Oh, brilliant. That’s got loads of really good information in it.” They can see that they’re looked after just as they requested. It’s all about them, it’s very person-centred. It’s not just a task list. It’s like, “I would like you to do such and such,” and there’s the ability to write that.

Eidyn Care

The Regulator

How was your latest visit from the Care Inspectorate?

Our first year was tough but very rewarding. We worked our magic and got our two ‘Excellent’ and a ‘Very Good’ from the Care Inspectorate. Second year was a little easier but still tough.

Do you feel that PASS was a contributing factor to recently winning ‘Palliative and End-of-Life Care Practise’ and ‘Care Provider of the Year’?

Oh, I feel that PASS has a lot to do with our success! You do make our lives very easy and very tightly controlled. That’s why we came on leaps and bounds. PASS makes our care so much more bespoke.


Would you recommend PASS to other businesses?

I love it, it’s brilliant. I can’t stop talking about it. In fact, even at the awards dinner, I was telling other companies about PASS, one of whom is now implementing PASS into their business as well.

Top Tips For Using PASS

Make the most of PASS for domiciliary care by:

  1. Logging in online every morning to download your bookings and ensure all your customers are up to date;
  2. Logging in offline whilst in areas of low signal to enter the app and view data downloaded from your last online login;
  3. Tagging in on arrival, as your visit time doesn’t start until you do!

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