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An intuitive care home software solution for residential care needs

Supporting residential care providers across the United Kingdom.

Supporting residential care providers across the United Kingdom.

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Market leading care management software for residential care needs.

Our platform enables care homes and their teams to focus on providing person-centred and tailored care for their residents.  Using our technology helps to create a homely and safe environment, meaning residents live well and receive the most appropriate care for their specific needs.

Best in class reporting for care homes, creating smooth processes and drawing valuable insights.

Our reporting is best in class, delivering actionable insights across all areas of your business. From analysing a team’s performance to important management reports, payroll analysis and surfacing regulatory audit related items to successful inspections.

Manage all aspects of your care delivery to ensure the best outcomes

Residential care providers can manage, track and amend all aspects of care provision. Within our software platform, full visibility is always available to carers with real time tracking of events, tagging for multi role and cross-team communication, and customisable terminology to fit the care setting.  

Key features:

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person centred care plans

Make and view changes to an individual's care plan in real time, empowering carers with full care plan information to deliver the highest standard of person centred care. Specific 'About Me' functionality enables each carer to truly understand the resident's care needs quickly and easily.


instant care records

Flexible and customisable forms, sharable to multi discipline teams for optimum accuracy in service user records. Digital logs mean that accurate records are instantly available for MDTs and a library of forms are available so that they are able to log customisable observations.

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The ability to see a single view of entire operational events taking place in real time through our software platform. Tailor care to the user at any point, through instant care notes, enabling your team to provide the most relevant and appropriate care to the resident.


incident tracking

Advanced incident tracking with body maps and customisable imagery for evidence within the care home software. Carers can assign each incident to the care plan and share evidence across the team, ensuring the most appropriate care is delivered to the care home resident.



Deliver care quickly and accurately, enabling faster recovery times and fewer hospital visits through our medication management. Real time alerts are served within the platform with a history of changes to the MAR chart being digitally captured, reducing any duplicated efforts.

gp connect

Extended access to approved members of the care home team means that patient records are available at any point to deliver the most tailored care possible. Prescriptions can also be written and issued onto internal MAR charts straight away, after a GP visit.

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tags for insights

Create tags to group key individuals, filter information or apply systems tags 24/7 to improve team communication, organisation and management. Tagging functionality empower managers to assign key responsibilities to individuals or groups at any time.

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customisable terminology

Document specific customisation of terminology to ensure service users are comfortable with their care plans. Increase understanding among MDTs and their communication with service users, as well as ensuring consistency throughout the care business.


Family & friends portal

Care plans are updated in real time and shareable instantly with family & friends. Carers are able to access care records remotely on any device, anywhere, improving efficiency and ensuring that all records are sharable for CQC or internal auditing.

Care management software for
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Whether you’re just getting started, commissioning care provision, or already managing multiple offices, our software is tailored to care and has been designed with care home providers and their residents in mind.

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