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PASS 20:20 Edition in 2019

An Insight Into PASS In Under 3 Minutes!

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The world is constantly moving forward and everyLIFE is no different. We work to evolve our product because it ensures that we can provide a system that has the ability to fulfil consumer needs into the future. Digital care can only advance and we are delighted to be at the heart of the action. In the name of progress, we’d like to share with you a bit of a timeline of our platform’s progression over the years.

2014: PASS changed how care could be delivered. For the first time ever, care workers were given the ability to see and update live, detailed information relating to the care of the individual receiving support. The sheer scope of this information – from personal preferences, medication details and outcome objectives to care plan instructions – was a first for the sector. The fact that PASS had made all of this available, in real time, on mobile devices, was truly transformational.

2015: This year saw hundreds of care providers implement PASS to ensure greater safety for their service users and staff, and improved efficiencies in their businesses. By this point, it had already become the most popular care management platform in the UK.

2016: PASS platform opens to roster providers, giving care businesses the freedom to choose their software partners and integrate their care planning solution with the roster provider of their choice. PASS extended care information transparency to family members, care professionals and commissioners with the launch of openPASS, another mobile first.

2017: PASS launches to the residential care space, challenging the traditional use of inefficient and insecure paper-based processes. Drawing on the skills of what is now the largest dedicated engineering team in the care technology sphere, PASS continues to develop ground-breaking functionality and grow its user-base. PASS is now established as the industry standard in mobile care management.

2018: A crucial part of everyLIFE’s immediate and ongoing focus this year, has been on managing risk, security and data management, helping customers to achieve corporate and regulatory compliance with all the security and real-time data auditing capability of modern care management software in the face of changing regulatory and legislative requirements.

And now, for 2019, we are excited to announce the launch of the PASS 20:20 Edition with INSIGHT Dashboards. For the first time, we can now provide care managers with an even more detailed, clear vision and knowledge of their service users, their staff and their own businesses. Another transformational event in the delivery of care and advanced functionality from the future of care – available to care businesses now!

Furthermore, PASS 20:20 Edition is future-ready to seamlessly integrate further game-changing features and functionality that will continue to drive up care quality, while also meeting corporate and regulatory and compliance obligations, and keep care businesses safe, efficient and successful for the coming years.

We are extremely grateful and humbled by the results produced by customers already using PASS and giving us their continuous support and feedback, which has enabled us to produce quality improvements.

From all of us here at everyLIFE, we hope you enjoy the PASS 20:20 Edition in 2019, making sure you stay ahead of the game!


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